Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowshoeing Adventures

We had a great time snowshoeing these past two weekends. On the 9th we went up to Guardsmans Pass with Whit's friends and my roommate Azure. Whit's friends included Josh, Pat, and Ryan. The boys and Azure had fun jumping off the ledge into the snow and even Pat entertained us with an awesome back flip which we have included for your viewing pleasure.

Then on the 16th we went down to American Fork Canyon with our couple friends; Holly and Cody, Amanda and Arie with Barkley the pup. We hiked up the trail to a meadow and from there we forged our own trail along the ridge of the mountain. From there we geronimoed down the face of the mountain and ended back up at the reservoir. It was a great time for sure, and we really enjoyed the sushi we had when it was all done :) Looking forward to many more such adventures in the future.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

I love that last night Whit and I had a conversation that went something like this: Me--so, we should probably make some New Year's Resolutions or something, shouldn't we? Whit--isn't that what we've been doing with our monthly goals? And our six month goals, and our 1 year goals, and our 5 year goals? Me--I guess you're right. So our New Year's Resolution is to keep on keepin' on, since we're already so awesome! :) Ha Ha. But all joking aside, it really is so nice to be able to make goals together throughout the year. It's much less daunting that doing it all at once at the beginning. So we made our January goals and now we're set!

So want to hear a bit about our holiday? It was so much fun! We headed down to Spanish Fork the day before Christmas Eve. The highlight of that day was traveling around to all of the meetinghouses in mom and dad's stake. Dad had to deliver stuff to each of the bishop's offices, so while he was doing that, the rest of us played basketball in each of the churches--we played in four total if I remember correctly. We had fun seeing who could make the craziest shots, we played pig a couple of times, and speed once or twice. Whit still has the best stats out of all of us, but I did make a couple of three pointers which surprised everyone, especially me!

Christmas Eve was a fun day, we launched a rocket, went to the cemetery and put up luminaries at Bryce's grave, and Whit made us all some delicious paella for dinner. It was great!

Christmas was a fun day, we opened presents, Whit was super excited to drink some soda, he went over a whole month without drinking any! We went snowshoeing at Stewart Falls, talked with Dallin on the phone (he's serving a mission in Japan) and went to see the movie Invictus.

The day after Christmas we went up to Tremonton for the Christensen extended family party. My cousin Kimiko gave him a good run for the money with her version of the "Korean smile." She calls hers her "resting face." :) Then Whit and I went to dinner and a movie in Layton on the way back. We parted ways, and the next day, Sunday, Whit came down to my place and made me a delicious dinner. It was so yummy! He's such a good cook and I really enjoy eating the fruits of his labors :)

Monday it was back to work for him and back to looking for a job for me :) I did get to go to Provo to go to lunch with my mom, sister, and cousins before everyone left to go back home. That was nice. Wednesday we had the progressive dinner with my friends, it was so good to see everyone! Sadly, we didn't take a single picture the whole evening. I think that's a first. Thursday Whit came down and got me and we went to meet his sister Ali and her boyfriend Cody and we all traveled up to the Anderson cabin. His dad and Karyn were so great--they had so much food for us all and were so generous in letting us all come play up there. There was a steady flow of people, families kept going and coming. We played games, went sledding and snowmobiling, Greg let off some awesome fireworks to welcome in the New Year, and we all had a great time being together up there. Oh, and I should probably mention that Whit and Will are the new foosball champions--they won Matthias and Jack, 5 games to 1. I guess we should cut Matthias a little slack, after all he had been skiing all day and was sick. But still... :) I'm sure there will be a rematch in the not too distant future.

At any rate, we had a lovely holiday season together and enjoyed seeing so many friends and family members! I wish we could play like that every week, but I guess then it wouldn't be so special. Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! 2010 is going to be great--best yet if you ask me :)