Sunday, September 11, 2011

Temple to Temple 3

We had our third annual Temple to Temple race yesterday.  It was a smashing success!  I wasn't the best at advertising or recruiting this year, I'm learning that it's called "pregnancy brain" for a reason.  I really do forget things all the time, and feel like I'm only using a tiny portion of my brain.  I'm desperately hoping that goes away once the baby is born :)  At any rate, one of my co-workers ran the race last year, and he did some recruiting this year and got some of his family and friends and another co-worker of ours to run.  We also had Whit's sister come down and run, and then some friends/neighbors from our ward here.  So we ended up with a good group and everyone had a great time.  We started at the Draper Temple with these fine folks that ran the half,
and ended up at the finish line at the Oquirrh Temple with everyone else--people that ran the 5K, volunteers that helped at aid stations, and family that came to cheer.  It was a great group and we had beautiful weather and no one got lost or injured.  A successful race for sure!  :)

Last week all of Whit's family, the Anderson sisters/mom/nieces had a lovely baby shower for me!  They had a delicious dinner and we had a great time chatting.  They are all so much fun!  They gave us lots of wonderful gifts, a stroller, rocker, baby bathtub with bath supplies, some adorable clothes and blankets, and doorway jumper seat.  And this awesome tricycle made out of diapers, a blanket, bib, and sippy cup! 

I had to take a picture when I got home, because it is just so fun.  I'm sad I forgot to take my camera to the shower though--hopefully I can get copies of the pictures that others took (hint hint :)  It was a super fun night though and I'm so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and loving family!  :)

Other than those fun events, life has been pretty low key as of late.  My feet are so swollen that it's painful to walk, so I'm getting pretty lazy and not wanting to do much.  But the doctor says things are looking good, the baby is still moving a lot so I know he's still alive, which is always a good feeling.  This is a picture we took a few weeks ago, it's really unflattering but I've got to post it for posterity's sake.  When our little boy is giving us a hard time, I can show him this picture so he can see what I went through to bring him to this world.  I think this photo would make anyone feel sorry for me, don't you?  I mean, just look at those sausage feet!  Gross!!!

I honestly don't know how my stomach is going to get any bigger, it's so huge already!  But I have a whole month to go before our due date.  He's going to be a big baby, that's for sure.  :)  We are so excited to get him here and see him and hold him.  I'm hoping that September will just fly by, and before you know it, I'll be posting pictures of our brand new baby!  :)