Monday, July 30, 2012


 And so begins the saga!  We left on Saturday morning (July 21) and went to Brigham to visit Grandma Christensen for a few minutes.  Then we stopped in Pocatello for lunch at Cafe Rio with mum, dad, and Kira.  Sadly, I only took a picture of Whit and Winston, because they were twinners :)

After lunch we drove the rest of the way to Helena and spent the night there.  We went to church in the morning and then drove to our lodge near Whitefish, Montana.  It was a beautiful drive and Winston did pretty good.  It was really nice to finally get there though!

 Monday morning we went for a little hike near our lodge.  There was this old truck parked at the trailhead.  We hiked for a little bit but Winston kept crying, so we turned back so we could take him home.  Of course, on the way back he fell asleep!  So Whit and I walked along the road up to Beaver Lake for a bit, and then turned around to go home.

 This is the sign marking the entrance to the lodge.  It was in such a pretty place!  It was really fun to stay in a place all together.  Thanks Grandma!  We went up there to celebrate her 90th birthday, and she paid for the lodge so we could all stay there, it was awesome!

 That afternoon we drove to Whitefish Lake.  We walked around for a bit and some got in the water, but we just watched from the shore.

 Tuesday morning we made the 45 minute drive into Glacier National Park.  We all met up at the Visitor's Center and then decided to go on a little hike.

 Here we all are :)

 The hike ended at a beautiful overlook of Lake McDonald.  So pretty!

 After the hike we stopped for lunch, and then drove to another part of the park.  We found another little hike, they called it a nature trail.  It was supposed to be a "leisurely" hike, not very strenuous or long.  So we thought we could take Winston in the stroller since he'd been in the backpack all morning.  So we started along the trail and the stroller seemed to be ok, even though the trail got pretty narrow at parts.

 And then the trail went straight uphill!  We were all kind of surprised at that, but Whit was a champ and just kept pushing the stroller.  You can't really tell in the picture, but it was a really steep trail!

 All of the bouncing around put Winston to sleep!  He's so funny.  We took his picture by this pine tree, because they are both so cute :)  This part of the park had a big fire about 10 years ago, so we were walking through all of the new little trees.  The tallest ones came up to our shoulders, and it was so cool to walk through this mini forest!  It made me feel like a giant, since all of the trees were so little.

 Here are my aunt and uncle in the middle of the tiny trees!

 And here is my Grandma Fife with all of her children!  She is one neat lady and it was so fun to be near her old stomping grounds.  She grew up in Canada and used to go to the Canada side of Glacier Park for her summer vacations.  Some of them got to go up to Canada to visit where she grew up, but I didn't get my passport back in enough time, so we didn't go.  But I did get to go a few years ago, so it's ok.  I just wish Whit could have gone.  We'll just have to go back sometime!

 Of course we had to take a jumping picture :)  Whit told Kira she has chicken legs!

 By the time we were winding up pictures, Winston woke up.  So we got a cute family photo :)

 Wednesday we drove back to the park and drove along the "Road to the Sun."  They were having some construction along the 2 lane road, so we had to stop and wait for a long time.  But it's not so bad waiting when this is the view out of your window!  I took these pictures with my phone.  It was just so pretty up there!

 Another view from the road.  We finally made it up to Logan Pass at the top, and then decided it would probably be faster to continue on to the other side of the park and go back that way, instead of on the road to the sun again.  It seriously took us about 45 minutes to go 10 miles on that road!  It was pretty but really slow going.  So we went to the other side of the park and guess what?  The road we needed to go on was closed!  Of course.  So we had to make a 35 mile detour to get to where we needed to go.  So much driving!

 But we finally made it to Two Medicine Lake.  Mum and Dad paid for us to go on a little boat ride across the lake, so we could hike to a waterfall.

 This is where we got on the boat,

 and this is the waterfall where we ended.  It was a super pretty hike and it felt even better to be hiking since we had been in the car all day :)

 I know we are bad parents, but Winston is really good at sitting up on his own.  So we put him on this rock in the middle of the river so we could get a cool photo.  But he wouldn't smile.  Oh well!

 He sure smiled when he got to pull grandma's hair!

 I just love his double chin :)

 Thursday we just spent hanging around the lodge in Whitefish.  It was in such a pretty spot and it was nice to just relax before heading home.

We got all packed the night before, so when Winston woke up at 5:15 Friday morning, we fed him, packed up the last of our stuff, and were on the road by 6:00!  Winston was a champ and slept for so long!  Then when he did wake up, he was happy and just played in his car seat.  We were pleasantly surprised that he was so good on the way home!

 We stopped in Missoula for breakfast, Idaho Falls for lunch, and here at Tremonton, just to get out of the car and stretch our legs.

We ended up pulling into our garage at 6:00 pm.  12 hours exact for the drive home.  We were so happy to be home!  It was a wonderful trip, we had such a great time seeing new places and being with family.  Whit says we put 1875 miles on the truck, so now we know how Winston does on long road trips.  We'll probably be up for another one, just not anytime soon!  It's really true, there's no place like home!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Trails

 Here is Winston helping me fold laundry!  I don't know why, but he loves eating clothes :)  He was great today, happy and fun.  We are getting ready for our trip tomorrow, we'll be gone all next week so I had to get a blog post in so we could keep up with our 1 entry/week.  So next post will be super fun with pictures from our trip.  Until then, another fun picture of Winston with his chubby legs and silly smile!

Monday, July 16, 2012

We had a great week, I just didn't take a lot of fun pictures!  But this is Winston helping me fold the laundry :)

 He's started to make a lot of funny noises, which make for some funny photos.

And he's drooling like a maniac!  You can see here how wet his shirt is.  He's so much fun these days though!  He's going down for naps really well, he hardly cries at all when we put him to bed for the night, and he sleeps all night long!  It's wonderful.  And he's started rolling over too!  He just rolls over onto his stomach, and then gets stuck and can't roll back over.  We'll work on that this week.

This weekend was full of fun!  Thursday Whit and I got to go to the temple to do sealings.  I just love doing that and we had such a nice time.  Friday we went to my parent's house in Spanish Fork to see my brother and his family, visiting from Indiana.  They are in the process of moving to Wisconsin, and came out to Utah to visit family before they make the big move.  My other brother that has been working at the grand canyon this summer also came home for the weekend.  And since my sister was there too, it was the whole family together, minus my brother that is living in China.  I don't know when we'll ALL get together, but it was super fun to get together with most of us!
Saturday I went to the bridal shower for one of my best friends!  It was super fun to finally throw her a shower, since she's the one who always throws the showers for the rest of us.  We had an awesome time and I think she had fun.  Then that night, Whit and I went up to Park City for his high school's 20 year reunion!  Talk about old :)  It was a little weird at first, until Whit's friends got there.  Then we had a fun time visiting and Whit got to see some friends that he hasn't seen since high school.  He kept saying it was weird, but I think he had a good time.
And that's about it!  This weekend we go up to Glacier and we are so super excited about that!  Yay for summer time!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Doesn't he look so happy?  :)  He's started sticking out his lower lip and it makes me crack up!  Such a good pouter!  We really did have a great 4th of July though.  We went to our neighborhood breakfast at 8:30 in the morning, and it already felt like 100 degrees outside!  But we had a great time eating and visiting with friends.  Then we hired a babysitter (a nice 16 year old girl in our ward) and we went to see a movie!  It was so fun, I've missed going to the movies.  Then Kira and I took Winston to the pool!

 We tried the big pool first, but the water was pretty cold and Winston just cried.

 So then we took him to the kiddie pool and he had fun playing with this fountain of water.  For a little bit.  I think he still needs to learn how fun the pool is, we're not quite there yet!

But I love his little froggie robe that we put him in when we're done.  He's getting too big for it though!  He just keeps growing :)

 Touchdown!  I got both arms up this time :)

 He's started making a lot of fun noises now too.  He is starting to babble alot.  It's so fun to hear!

 I tried making bread again this week.  These are the hot dog buns I made.  They don't look super pretty but they tasted good.  I'll keep practicing!  It's so nice to be home more so I can do things like this.  I need a lot more practice though!

That's about it!  Not a super exciting week, but we enjoyed having Wednesday off to do things.  It was great fun.  Looking forward to the next holiday!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beautiful Bear Lake!

 Another exhausting week!  I love watching Winston sleep.  He usually has both arms up, in the "touchdown" position.  But I only got one arm up this time.  Still cute though :)

 And he has finally grown enough to wear these pajamas that I got him about 6 months ago on clearance.  I love stripes!

 He's in the discovery phase where he puts anything and everything in his mouth.  This is a fish toy, and he's got the whole head in his mouth!

 We went out for lunch one day at an Indian Restaurant.  He loved dancing to the music and sitting up in the high chair.  But he made this silly face as soon as I pulled out the camera, of course.  Too bad I didn't capture him dancing, it was super fun to watch!

 Last Saturday we were just hanging out, watching tv.  Whit flipped the channel to watch america's test kitchen on pbs.  They showed how to make this yummy pizza, and we were hungry, so we went online, pulled up the recipe, and made it!  It was delicious.  I'm so excited to find a yummy pizza recipe!

 On Monday we went up to Bear Lake!  Whit's mom Julie got us a few rooms right on the beach, and everyone came up to spend a few days together.  It was awesome.  This picture is what happened after Whit changed Winston's diaper.  I guess there was so much going on, Whit got distracted and put both of Winston's legs in the same side of his shorts!  Winston was a pretty good sport about it.  We were dying laughing!

 You can see the balconies of our rooms, right there looking onto the lake.  It was fantastic.  Here is the Pettey family, walking over for pictures.  Cute little Micheal got his finger slammed in a door (the wind was super strong one night and slammed the doors shut) and after a trip to the hospital in Montpelier, found out it was broken!  He was such a trooper and had fun showing off his awesome purple cast!

 Here are all of the grandkids at the beach, 

 and here is everyone else.  We had such a fun time at the beach together, playing games, and we ate lots of yummy food.  Thanks Julie, for such an awesome trip!!!

 We got a little family picture taken too, but unfortunately in this picture Winston is smiling but not looking at the camera,

 and in this picture I am smiling but not looking at the camera!  Oh well, you get the idea, right?

 Whit and Winston just hanging out :)

 Winston loves to cuddle these days, we are loving it!

I tried slicking down Winston's hair for church today.  Whit calls him "Dapper Dan."  It didn't last very long but was cute for a few minutes.  Have a good week everybody!