Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Month in Review

It's been a busy but fun month! Since we last posted we have gone for a full moon snowshoeing adventure with Whit's roommate Brad.

It was also my birthday! Whit treated me to dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, after we reserved a room there for our reception.

A couple of nights later my dear friend Alicia organized a dinner with some of my friends. We went out for Thai food (yum!) and then came back to my place for cake and games. Good times for sure.

Then for Valentine's Day, Whit went all out and cooked for two days straight and made a Chinese New Year dinner for all of his friends. The food was so delicious, he cooked so much and we all wanted to try everything. He is so talented :)

We both had President's Day off from work, yay! We had a good laugh when Whit came to pick me up and we were wearing the same outfit! I totally ran up to my room to change so we weren't twinners. We seem to do that occasionally :)

We went bowling that day with my parents who came up to have a late birthday celebration with us. They treated us to bowling and then we all went and worked out together at our clubhouse. It was a fun day.

We also went dancing with some friends! There was a free ballroom dance class at a church and Whit consented to go. We had such a good time, and even though he doesn't like to admit it, Whit really liked it too! :) So you think you can dance, here we come! Maybe... :) We have also been registering, gathering addresses, and looking at venues for the luncheon. Wedding stuff galore but it's so fun to think that it's actually getting closer. Yay! Oh, and here's a home improvement project that Whit did this Saturday. I've been wanting pendant lighting over the island in the kitchen forever. Mom gave Whit a gift card to Lowe's, and I talked him into using it to get this lighting. We came home and he installed it right away. Doesn't it look great? He is such the handyman--I love it!