Monday, June 23, 2014

Memorial Day, Anniversary, Vampire Teeth and Grass

For Memorial Day, we went up to the Brigham City Cemetery.  On the way there, Winston was so tired he fell asleep mid cracker!  I wasn't fast enough to catch it with the camera, but he fell asleep with the cracker up to his mouth to take a bite.  Then his hand slowly fell down as he drifted into sleep.  It was so funny to watch!

 We had a lovely time at the cemetery while my mom read us stories about our ancestors.  I was so excited to take Edie to get a picture by the grave of her great-great grandmother, Edith Winifred.

 And would you believe she doesn't have the name Edith on her headstone?!  She went by Winifred so that is the name on there.  Oh well.  We still got our picture :)

 The next week was our 4th wedding anniversary!  It was on a Wednesday this year, so to celebrate we went to the temple when Whit got home from work.  We did sealings and it was such a lovely time :)

 Then on Saturday we went down to Spanish Fork so my parents could watch the kids while we went out to lunch at Red Lobster, went to see the new X-men movie, and topped it all off with a treat from Ritas!  That's my new favorite place, it was so delicious :)

 And these pretty flowers lasted for 2 weeks!  Whit is so thoughtful to always get me flowers :)

 And for some random pictures this month, this is Winston's first blizzard.  He loved it!  I didn't love sharing but I guess it helps me not eat as much :)

 We got our sod on flag day!  We had lots of help from my family and neighbors and it went in really fast.  We can't tell you how happy we are to finally have grass!!!

 And Winston loves playing in the sprinklers!  Every time I go out to water, he wants to play and he runs right through the hose.  He loves getting wet :)

Edie loves reaching for the camera when I try to take her picture!

Winston loves to put his legs up on the cup holders when we go for walks.

Edie loves her juice!

She does not love it when we try to take a picture of her vampire teeth!  They are so funny, I've been trying so hard to get a picture of them.  This is the best we got.  Her two front teeth have come in now, so the vampire teeth are no more.  But it sure was funny :)

 Almost as funny as my dad's expression here.  And when we told my mom she looked like she was praying, she said "I look pregnant?!"  I have funny parents.

 We went to the Shelley Idaho cemetery on Saturday.  My cousin got married in the Idaho Falls temple and then before the luncheon we had some time to kill.  We found the graves of Whit's great grandparents,

 and his grandparents!

 And this is the house that my Grandpa Christensen grew up in!  People still live there.  It was really neat to see and hear some stories about his childhood.  Turns out he was born the same year as Whit's grandma, so they probably knew each other and went to school together.  How crazy is that?

 Here we are before the sealing, I told Whit to hold Winston normally, but Whit said Winston had been walking in poop and he didn't want to get that on his pants!  So it makes for a funny picture!

 Winston loved smelling the flowers :)

 I love how Edie is trying so hard to get out of the stroller!  And I love how Whit has a temple coming out of his head!  :)

 There is a huge pile of throw up by our feet here.  It was so gross, but I really wanted to get a nice family picture!  I guess we'll have to crop it out because the only thing I look at here is that gross throw up.  Ew!!!

We couldn't get the kids to smile but at least we're all looking at the camera at the same time :)

It was a fun day, but it wore us all out!  We were still recovering Sunday morning, this is what I saw when I got out of the shower.  It's been a busy month but we sure are having fun together!