Monday, January 23, 2012

Fifteen weeks of wonder :)

We had yet another great week!  Friday I took Winston to my work to see a co-worker who just got back from maternity leave.  She brought her little boy in and we just put them side by side in their carseats and watched them sleep.  It was fun catching up with her and seeing her little one.  Then we picked up Whit from work and went up to Bountiful to visit his mom.  We went out for Indian food and had a great visit.  And Winston was so good the whole time we were in the restaurant!  He just sat on our laps contently while we ate.  It was great.  

Saturday we had some friends over for sushi night and games!  Whit worked really hard all day and made some delicious sushi sauces and tempura vegetables.  He's such a sport to cook for all of us :)

 Winston was a pretty happy camper, until it was time to go to bed.  I think he knew he was missing out on all of the fun, so he just kept crying and crying.  But I did get a picture of him when he was still happy :)

 Everybody made their own sushi roll (or two, as in my case!) and we all shared and ate.  It was delicious!

 We have been blessed with such wonderful friends and we love getting together!

Sunday we went down to Spanish Fork to hear my dad speak in stake conference.  He gave a really good talk on the scriptures.  After conference we all had a nice lunch together.  Whit's brussell sprouts were the hit of the afternoon.  Everyone wanted the recipe :)  I somehow thought that 6 diapers would be enough for the day, but Winston managed to go through all of them by 4:00 in the afternoon.  And he was being a little fussy, so we figured it would be best to head home.  He slept for most of the ride, but the last 20  minutes or so he kept crying.  When we got home, we figured out why:

 Poor kid!  his blanket had fallen completely over his face!  I know it's hard to tell, but he's really in his carseat--wearing socks on his hands and a blanket on his head.  We couldn't tell that had happened, because of the car seat cover.  But suddenly the crying made sense.  We're such clueless parents sometimes!  :)

 But he seems to be developing alright, despite his crazy, less-than-perfect parents.

 Case and point:  this morning I propped him up on a pillow on the bed, so I could post to the blog.  He was happy and talking away.  After a couple of minutes I turned around to check on him, and saw this...

 Yep, spit up all over himself and rolled completely off the pillow!

 and he still manages to be adorable (at least to me) even with spit up all over his face!  

Sure do love this little guy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fourteen Weeks!

It's a magical thing, the bathroom fan!  Everyone suggested that we turn it on to help Winston sleep.  Well, it didn't work for the longest time, but now it works like a charm!  Love it!  He will stay asleep for a whole hour with the fan on.  It works out lovely--unless of course I plan on cleaning the bathrooms while he is asleep.  I learned that one the hard way :)

 I know it is cruel to take pictures of your child in the bath, but he kicked his leg up just in time for this one, so I thought it would be safe to post.  I just can't get enough of that belly!  I had to show it in all it's glory :)

 We got a mobile for the crib, now that he has started to watch things.  I think he likes it :)

 And look how good he can hold his head up!  He just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

 He recently discovered his hands.  For some reason he loves to put them in his mouth.  He still claws at his head alot, so most of the time we keep socks or mittens on his hands.  That can be handy when he's drooling, he wipes his own mouth!

 Whit thought he looked good in his hat :)

 My super sweet cousins sent him this little bouncer thing.  I think he is going to love it in a few weeks or so.  Right now, he is still only interested in eating his hands :)


Well, that's our week in a nutshell.  Just lots of time at home, enjoying this little one.  He definitely keeps us entertained and we do our best to do the same for him!  :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thirteen weeks

This week we watched our neighbor's boy for a couple of hours.  He is super cute and very happy, so it was fun to have him over.  He and Winston aren't quite old enough to interact very well, but I think Winston did a really good job of staying chill when being examined by his friend :)

 We just had to laugh when comparing their sizes--his friend is 4 months older than he is!

 Happy Bryce Day!

 Jan 7th is the day my brother Bryce died, 3 years ago.  Hard to believe that it's been that long already!  Since we named Winston Bryce after his uncle, we only thought it appropriate to dress him in a Who t-shirt and introduce him to the sounds of Bob Marley  :)  My brother Bryce loved music and snow, so it was awesome that it also snowed that day!

 We blessed Winston on Sunday.  It was so nice to have so many of our family members come out to show their love and support!  Our family took up quite a few rows in church :)  Lots of them were sick or had sick kids, but they still came out to join us.  That meant so much to us and we love you all so much!

 Here is everyone that was able to stay and join us for lunch after church.  Whit made some fabulous soups and everyone brought salads and we had a super yummy lunch!

 Here is the little guy in his blessing outfit, on one of his uncle Bryce's blankets that was made by my Grandma Fife :)

We just adore this little one!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

 Hard to believe, but this little guy is 3 months old!  Where did the time go?  I love how he is beginning to smile, can hold his head up, and all the cute sounds he is making.  It's so fun to watch him develop.

 We can't seem to cut his fingernails enough though, he is still clawing at his face all of the time.  So we keep putting his mittens on :)

Can you say double chin?  :)


 He has almost outgrown all of the 3 month clothing we have for him!  I think he is trying to catch up with his cousin Spencer, who also wore 6 month clothing at this age.  Winston definitely is a good eater and is just packing on the pounds--look at all of those fat rolls!  :)

 On New Year's Day (well, the day after) we went down to Spanish Fork to hang out with family.  We went bowling and Winston slept the whole time--after sleeping the whole way down there!  We were all totally amazed :)

  After bowling we went to my parent's house and since the weather was so nice, we played bocce ball outside--with no coats on--in the middle of winter!  It was pretty strange, but nice :)

 Then Whit and my brother Dallin played ping pong.  I'm pretty sure Whit won.

But Dallin is still our friend and held Winston while we watched a movie.  Winston was pretty beat, doesn't he just look spent?  It was a busy but fun day, that's for sure!