Sunday, May 16, 2010

So, hi all. We know it's been awhile since we last posted and you know of the BIG NEWS. We're getting married this month!!! Thank you all for being such great supports to both Brooke and I. It has been easier to bear with all your thoughts and prayers. Thank you very much. Brooke might have told some of you how I got my blessings restored but for the rest of you let me recount.
I was in Sunday School on April 18th when my Stake President, Pres. Ellgren, pulled me out and said I was approved for my blessings pending my final interview with one of the General Authorities. Sometime in May I would be getting a call from one of the General Authority's secretaries to set up an appointment to have the interview. Of course I was so excited of hearing the news of finally having my blessings restored but there was more to Pres. Ellgren's message. I was not to say one word about my pending restoration of my blessings to anyone. Ugh, not even to Brooke? How can this be? Of all the people that needed to hear that the end was near was certainly Brooke. So I hesitantly asked if I could tell Brooke he said, "No."
For the next 3 agonizing weeks I had to pretend I had not heard from Pres. Ellgren, knowing that I had and knowing I couldn't even hint at it otherwise Brooke would have caught on to me. It was a struggle. Brooke would ask if May 5th or 10th would be a good day to possibly schedule our wedding and I would just have to shrugg my shoulders. Sometimes I would try to persuade her to schedule something in June but Brooke the ever opptamist would just smile and say, "May would do."
So when Sunday May 2nd came and I got a phone call from the executive stake secretary to make an appointment with the Stake President I was almost relieved of my fascade/secret. Brooke came up after work to my house in Farmington and had to wait at my place until after I had met with the Stake President to hear the news. Before I told Brooke the answer we had a quick prayer to thank Heavenly Father for giving us patience during this 9 week wait. We sat down and with tears in my eyes I told her my blessings had just been restored to me by Pres. Ellgren. Of course she was crying too and with the longest hug we just sat there appreciating the momment. Brooke has been the best and I'm sure she was just as relieved as I was.
If you ask Brooke she would say I made the pray to sound as though I hadn't recieved my Blessings but of course that's just her perception of the prayer. :) Anyway, it's now less than 2 weeks away and we couldn't be happier. We've got lots of the arrangements planned and are looking forward to that day when we can celebrate our most happiest day with many of you. Thanks again for being such good family and friends. We love you all and see you soon. Yaya