Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Can you believe that Christmas has come and gone already?  We had a lovely holiday, and enjoyed getting together with family and friends.  To celebrate we went up to the cabin again!  We just love it up there and can't get enough of it :)  Friday morning the Fife clan came up and we had lunch, went sledding, and had our annual white elephant present game.  It was so much fun!

 Everyone loved sledding down the hill
 My brother Dallin took up his snowboard and rode that down the hill.  Doesn't he look like such a pro?

 Then my dad tried Dal's board, not such a pro :)

 My good friend Alicia came up for the fun too.  She even stayed my friend after I ran her off the road, twice!  I'm not so good with the steering when I am tubing down the hill on the air sleds :)

 Unfortunately my uncle Rey isn't too good with the steering on the air sleds either!  He ran himself off the road and took a tumble down the mountain and got pretty banged up!  Luckily, my auntie sent us this popcorn from Arizona--I think that cheered him up.  How could it not--seeing that it was "prayerfully popped!"  :)  Thanks Aunt Lauryl--it was super yummy!

 One year Whit got some self tanning lotion for the white elephant game.  This year he got this lovely tree topper!  I think it suits him quite well :)

 We love white elephants!  :)
 Everyone helped put together this book for Grandma--she turns 90 next year so we all wrote things we had learned from her (90 things total).  She seemed to really like it, so that made us all happy.  We have learned so much from her and love her very much!  She is one fun lady!

 The whole gang took a picture together before everyone started heading out.  What a fun day!

 Saturday we just chilled around the cabin,

 and went out for some more fun times in the snow!

 My family loves to take pictures jumping, so we made a calendar of all our silly jumping pictures for my mom.  I think she liked it, so we took some more jumping pictures for next year's edition :)

 Winston can't jump yet, but isn't he cute in his Christmas Eve pajamas?  We got to our home around 7:00 on Christmas Eve.  We got Winston ready for bed, sang some Christmas songs with him, and believe it or not--he slept from 8:30 until 4 am!  Without waking up at all!  It was our own little Christmas miracle :)

 Christmas morning we enjoyed going to church,

 and then we went up to Brigham to visit with Grandma Christensen.

 We had a great time visiting, playing a game, and eating chocolate :)  And Winston slept in the car the whole way up and the whole way back.  Isn't that wonderful?  We really appreciated that!  We had such a great Christmas and hope everyone else did too!

Monday, December 19, 2011

10 weeks old

 and getting cuter every minute!

 My boys getting their beauty sleep :)
 Winston is finally starting to love bath time.  Yay!  He really likes the water and getting all clean.  Definitely his mother's child :)
 He still likes to be swaddled, but he fights to get his arm free.  Strange.  Kind of defeats the purpose of being swaddled, doesn't it?
 A few weeks ago we got onto google chat with my family.  We love their new mustache feature!  We kept laughing whenever the mustache went onto little Winston.  Could be a good look for him though, totally goes with the name :)
 And here's Whit sporting the slipper look for church!  He sprained his ankle at basketball last week, and so he has his ankle in a brace and wears one of my slippers.  Good thing they are black!
  I just love it with the white sock.  Totally completes the look!
 And here's what his foot looks like without the brace--super swollen and bruised!  Whit says he knows what my swollen pregnancy ankles felt like.  I think his is a bit more painful though!  And notice his dead toenail on the other foot, another basketball injury!  Those guys must think they are invincible or something!  :)

 This last Sunday we went up north--first we stopped at Whit's friend's place.  Winston was a big hit with his friends, we were glad to hand him over and let them hold him for awhile.  Then we went to Whit's dad's place for the annual Christmas dinner.  It was so great to see family and spend the night visiting and eating.  We even got to skype with Jim and Karyn for a few minutes!  It was a great night and we are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

9 weeks and still growing!

Here is our sweet little Winston!  He had his two month checkup this month, and is doing great.  He only cried for just a minute when he got his shots too!  I was really grateful for that :)  He is growing like a weed, he now weighs 12.9 lbs and is 23.3 inches long.  We are so grateful that he is healthy.

I went shopping and got these 5 outfits on clearance.  I just have to brag about what a great shopper I am--the total I paid for all 5 was $1.46!  That mean each outfit was about 30 cents.  Not too shabby :)

When Winston was a couple of weeks old, I thought he looked a bit like ET.  I think he's filled out a bit and the resemblance isn't quite so strong as it used to be.  But I just couldn't resist taking this picture when we were unwrapping all of these puppets.  :)

My good friend Alicia came over for a visit and cut my hair.  I'm so grateful for good friends that make house calls!  :)

I asked Whit to take our picture since we were twinners in brown :)  I think Winston was being a little camera shy though!

The little guy is getting so strong too!  The other day I was folding laundry and I just propped him up on the bed.  He just sat there calmly, smiling away.  It was awesome.

Looks like he's waving, doesn't it?

Winston's number 1!

That about sums it up.  We sure do love this little guy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Whit!

 Happy Birthday Whit!!!  To celebrate we went up to Jim and Karyn's cabin for a few days.  Many thanks to them for letting us do that--we had such a wonderful time!  We got up there Wednesday afternoon and Whit opened up some birthday presents.  

 Nothing too fancy, but I did get him a mug for his sodas :)  Now if we ever get to go to the movies again, refills will only be $1.  And he loves to use it around the house because it keeps the ice frozen.  Kind of a weird present, but he got some new fishing boots as well.  He'll love those next summer. :)  After we opened presents we went down to Oakley for lunch/dinner.  It was Winston's first time in a restaurant.  He did ok, he was asleep for a bit and then he wet his diaper.  Since it's just a little restaurant, the bathroom didn't have anywhere to change his diaper.  So Whit took him out to the truck to do it.  Poor guy, it was really cold out and I don't think he liked that.  He ended up peeing all over the truck!  Yikes!  We are having so many fun adventures with Winston :)

 Whit put him in the carrier so he could do things around the cabin.

 And he got him to fall asleep in it!  I still haven't been able to do that!

 Winston just loved the cabin and was so good up there!  He would just hang out on the ground and look around.  I think he was trying to just take it all in.  He must be bored of our house, since he never lasts more than 10 minutes doing this at home!

 He even smiled for a bit!  

 Friday night our fun friends came up to play some games and spend the night.  We played blockus,

 read some magazines,

 and I won poker!  It was kind of silly really--I'm not that great of a player, but I just kept getting the right cards and ended up winning everyone's chips.  It was pretty fun :)
 Our friends also introduced us to a new game called Mister X.  We loved it!  Whit especially loved being Mister X and trying to hide from all of us.  He had to wear this visor so we couldn't see where he was looking on the board.  It was pretty funny.  It worked though, he ended up winning!  Go Whit!

 More of Winston just hanging out :)

 Winston and I are matchy matchy stripes :)  Didn't even plan that one!

 Before we left Whit made us a nice lunch--paella!  It's something he learned to make on his mission in Spain.  It's totally delicious and I loved it :)

Winston just loves his dad!  I do too :)  

Now we are home again and back to normal life.  I had to go back to work this week, which was a little rough for me.  But my sweet sister and mom took turns watching hWinston and I think he enjoyed spending time with them.  He's slept for 4-5 stretches the past few nights, it's been so heavenly!  We're hoping that it lasts for awhile :)  He really is such a sweet baby and we just love being together!