Monday, September 23, 2013

32 weeks and growing

 Sitting up in a camping chair like she's been doing it her whole life :)  Friday Whit's work was in a volleyball tournament with all of the other architecture firms in the valley.  I got to see lots of my old co-workers so that was fun for me.  And we all loved cheering Whit on!  He had some really good spikes, he's such the athlete.  The kids loved being outside and seeing so much, we had a fantastic time!

On the way home we stopped at Costco and put Edie in the cart next to Winston.  She loved it!  We love that she's getting bigger and stronger and we don't have to put her carseat in the cart anymore!  Now if only grocery stores had the double kid carts!

 Poor Winston got a mosquito bite under his eye this week.  We've had lots of construction workers in and out of the place, and sometimes they don't close the door--if you can imagine that!  So we've been overrun with mosquitoes and flies--yuck!  Poor Winston though, his eye was pretty swollen for a couple of days.  Hopefully this cooler weather will help keep the mosquitoes away and this will be the last time he gets bitten.  Fingers crossed!

 Saturday we had a baby shower for my dear friend Kasey.  She is having a baby girl next month.  A few of us have had baby girls the last couple of months so we got them together for a picture.  Both these little gals are named Olivia, so we made an Olivia sandwich with Edie in the middle!

And Edie is just like her brother!  We laid them all down together on the grass and she immediately went for Olivia's hair bow!  You can't tell here, but Edie kept trying to grab it.  Made me laugh!  Cute girls though, it will be fun when they get old enough to play together :)  Just like their moms!

31 weeks

 Partners in crime!  I've discovered that Edie likes watching Bob the Builder as much as Winston.  I don't know if she really likes it, or she just likes hanging out with her big brother, but it's super cute either way :)

And Winston loves stealing Edie's pacifier, even when it's attached to her!  He can be pretty sneaky.

 Here we are at the award's ceremony for my Dad.  Edie loved playing with my necklace--she's got quite the grip!  My dad got the Silver Beaver, a scouting award.  It was fun to see that happen and then we all went to eat lunch afterwards.  Fun!

And Edie didn't cry at all during the hour long meeting.  It was a first and hopefully not a last :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

To celebrate Labor Day, we went for a bike ride!  We have two bike trailers, so we usually put one kid in each trailer--we spread out the heaviness of pulling a kid!  But one of our trailers had 3 holes in the tire, so Whit started patching them but it was taking too long so we figured we'd put both kids in the same trailer and see how long they lasted like that.

 They started off surprisingly well.  Winston didn't pull out Edie's pacifier or make her cry, and they seemed like good friends excited to be on an outing together.

 We called up the Petteys (Whit's sister's family) to see if any of them wanted to come along.  We got two volunteers.  We had so much fun with them riding along the Lagoon trail here in Farmington.  They showed us this cool hollow tree by the buffalo.  Then we went to Harmons (our grocery store) for a gelato.  Yum!

 And by the time we finished both kids were totally asleep.  They did so great!  Yay for bike trailers and good weather on holidays!

 Miss Edie smiling at me after we got ready for the day.  She is so happy for about an hour after she wakes up.  It's lovely!  I can even put her down now and she'll play with toys while I get Winston up and dressed and fed breakfast.  I'm loving that!

 And then about an hour later she gets so cranky and falls asleep.  She's so cute when she's asleep :)

 And Winston has recently learned how to fold his arms.  He does it all day long.  Too bad the picture is too blurry--he doesn't stay still for more than a second and I just took this with my camera phone which doesn't have a very fast shutter speed.  Can't keep up with Winston :)

 Friday we went down to Spanish Fork for the day.  We've still got that construction going on and it was good to get away from it and have a little break.  We took Winston to the splash pad and he was really hesitant at first, but then he warmed up to it and got totally soaked!  He had fun.

 So much fun that he fell asleep in the car on the way to Costco.  So we took turns holding him while walking through the store.  He still sleeps with "soft hands" on occasion :)

And to finish out the week, we went for another bike ride on Saturday.  This one was a bit longer than the one on Monday (16 miles as opposed to 5 miles on Monday).  The kids still did great and fell asleep on each other.  I can see many bike rides in our future :)  Especially now that the weather seems to be cooling off a bit.  Yay for fall!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

29 weeks

 Edie on one of our walks.  I don't know why, but she is fist pumping.  She did it for practically the whole walk.  It was awesome.

 We've had some construction going on in our house, they are putting in a theater room.  So I tried all week to think of things to keep Winston entertained.  He really loved having a real life "Bob the Builder" at our place, but I was so nervous Winston would get in the way or get hurt.  So we kept busy as much as possible.  One afternoon we went out in the 90 degree weather to play.  Thank heavens for shade!  I was attending to Edie for a few minutes and when I turned around, this is what I saw.

 Winston eating rocks.  Yum!  That boy is quick and loves to put anything and everything in his mouth.  When do they grow out of that?  Soon I hope!

 We put his little china-man hat on, to get him used to wearing it.  I think he looks even more asian when he cries.

Saturday we got some beautiful peaches so we made a peach pie.  It looks pretty, doesn't it?  Too bad it was soooo runny!  Didn't quite turn out.  Guess we'll have to try again someday.  At least the pie crust worked, so I guess that's a victory :)