Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Birthday Ever!

This is going to be a fun post, so get ready!

It all started last week. Whit really has been working like crazy at his job, I hardly get to see him anymore :( So my birthday was coming up, and we didn't really talk much about it. I just assumed that he'd be working all weekend, like always. It was our ward temple night on my birthday (Thursday) and I told him I would really like to go. So I was thinking that would be about it for my birthday festivities this year. So I took matters into my own hands a bit, planned a few lunches with friends and my family was going to come up to play on Saturday. Monday when I was at work, one of my girlfriends emailed to say she had a work thing come up, and could she reschedule lunch from Friday to Wednesday? No problem I said. I thought it was so cool when only 1/2 hour later, one of my fun sister-in-laws texted to see if she could take me to lunch! So we made plans to go on Friday. Yay. I had fun stuff going on to look forward to :)

So, after work that day, Whit was still pretty sick (oh yeah, did I mention he'd been sick all of last week?) so I convinced him that since we got to work at 7 am, it would be ok to leave at 5 that evening. That's a pretty good day for someone as sick as he was! So I actually got to ride home with him and that was fun. Except he said he had to tell me something that would make me mad. I thought he wasn't going to be able to go to the temple after all, since he was leaving work early today. Or that he bought something really expensive. But no, he told me I was ruining all of the plans he was making for my birthday! He said he emailed my friend and asked her to cancel lunch on Friday, because he was taking me out of town! And then I went and scheduled another lunch for that day. And I invited my family over on Saturday when he wanted us to be away for the weekend. So he had to break the surprise and tell me so I could rearrange things to go :) Isn't he a sweetheart? I was so surprised and so happy! It really was so thoughtful of him!

So on my birthday he gave me these beautiful flowers and we went to the temple. It was a great day :) Sorry it's a little blurry but you get the idea. My sweet sister Kira sent me some flowers too, so I felt so loved! It was awesome.

So then on Friday we got to sleep in, which was a total treat. Especially considering the fact that in order to go to the temple the night before, we had to be to work at 6 am so Whit could get enough work done. That's so early to be at work! So our sleeping in on Friday was until about 8, then we got up and packed our bags and headed to Midway. We went cc skiing at Wasatch Park. It was so beautiful!

Our ever famous self portrait :)

But mom always says she can't see our eyes when we have our sunglasses on. So I made us take another one without our glasses. Only problem is, Whit is squinting so bad you can't see his eyes anyways! Oh well, it makes me laugh :)

The last time we came up here was with a bunch of my friends (also for my birthday). We took turns doing these helicopter turns, and so we had to do that again. Whit could get some pretty good air between his skis and the ground.

I THOUGHT I did the same, but when I looked at the pictures I was pretty disappointed. Guess I need to work on my vertical a bit :)

It really was a gorgeous day and we didn't see a single soul the whole time we were skiing. We saw lots of turkey tracks in the snow, which was kind of fun. Also, they didn't groom the trail this year, so we had fun making up our own trails. We went down tons of hills and had tons of falls and laughed--you guessed it--a ton! :)

After skiing we checked into our room at the Homestead. I've never stayed there before and it was so fun. We got to stay in this little cottage and it was very quaint. We showered and took a nap (skiing really wiped us out!) and then went to dinner. We went to the Bear Dance or something like that. It was good and we were starving :) Then we got a movie from Redbox, vegged out at the hotel, and I fell asleep watching the jazz game. In the morning we had breakfast there, packed up our stuff, and came home.

My family came over later that evening and we had birthday cake. Here's a hilarious video of my brothers and dad and Whit lighting the cake.
(can't you put videos on your blog anymore?) My mom said she went to the store to buy candles and forgot to get them. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that! :) After we played a few games, everyone got tired of Whit winning so the boys started balancing on the yoga ball. They did this with Bryce a long time ago and think that it's so fun to see who can stay on it the longest. My mom and I have a long way to go, we didn't stay on very long at all. But it's pretty funny to watch us try!

So that was my fantastic weekend. Thanks Whit, for all of your planning. You make me feel so loved! It truly was the best birthday ever :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun winter times

Last weekend we got to go up to a cabin with Whit's friends. We had such a wonderful time! We drove up there Thursday night after work and were there all day Friday and Saturday. We got to go snowshoeing, snowmobiling, play games, watch movies and tv, and Whit made us a lovely asian dinner as a pre-chinese new year celebration. It was awesome!