Monday, April 29, 2013

I love to see the Temple...

Edie is now 11 weeks old.  Crazy!  We had such nice weather this weekend, but sadly I didn't get to enjoy much of it.  Saturday Whit cleaned the cars and got the truck all ready to sell.  Edie was having a rough day, so I spent pretty much all day bouncing her on the yoga ball.  I was sad I missed playing outside on such a gorgeous day.  So on Sunday, both kids did great during church!  Winston made it through all of nursery and Edie fell asleep and I actually got to hear most of the lesson in Relief Society!  That was a first and we were so excited.  So after we came home and the kids had naps, we decided to try our luck and take them to see the tulips at Temple Square!
 Winston didn't want anything to do with the stroller.  When I got tired of carrying him (it only took us crossing the street and then I was done) we let him walk on his own.  He loved it!

 He loved being able to touch things, 

 and going to look at whatever he wanted.

 However, he didn't like walking up on this curb, I think he got a little scared--even with his dad holding him.

 He was much happier on the ground, walking around on his own.

 But we did have to carry him every once in awhile, he is so slow!

 The flowers were so pretty and we had so much fun seeing them!

 and Winston loved waving at all of the people!

 My favorite shot of the temple.

 Winston finally got tired and consented to riding in the stroller.  And then our walk was done.  Edie slept the whole time, which was great!  But we didn't get any pictures with her.  So when we got home and got her ready for bed, I had Whit take a picture of her smile.

I sure do love this girl!  :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

another week has come and gone

 We've seen some smiles,

 some tired kids, 

 more smiles,

 and more smiles,

 and the Bee movie, about 13 million times.  Winston has a little tv in his play room, and that seems to be the only movie that he likes.  He watches it pretty much all day long--he'll watch for a few minutes, read a book, play with blocks, cry a little, and then go back and watch for a few more minutes, etc.  I think I start the movie around 3-4 times a day!  He must get his love of bees from his grandpa Christensen :)

 And he's turned into a pacifier thief!

 luckily Edie is happy most of the time and only requires a pacifier occasionally.

 If only that were the case with Winston!  :)  He seems to get grumpier as the day progresses.  This is when I was trying to make dinner.  I cut up all the vegetables with Edie in the baby bjorn.  She finally went to sleep and as soon as I put her down, Winston started being fussy.  He would just scream and scream until I picked  him up.  I did what I could with one hand while I held him, but after awhile he got too heavy.  So I put him down but he just started screaming so loud I was afraid he was going to wake up Edie.  So I put him in his high chair, thinking that if he could see what I was doing, he would be happier.  It made sense to me, but he didn't think that was cool.  Oh well.

 another one of his classic faces.

 I mostly just take pictures on my phone now, it's just easier.  But I did pull out my camera today and tried to get some good ones of Edie's smile.  As soon as I got that big thing out, she wouldn't look at me anymore.  But I love this one of her and Winston, their heads are kind of the same :)

and then Winston came over to see what we were doing.  He's such a curious boy and definitely keeps us on our toes!

Monday, April 15, 2013

2 months!

So here is Winston with his new haircut!

 He pretty much has no hair now, but he's still pretty cute if you ask me :)

And here's little Miss, modeling a bow from her Grandma Christensen :)  My mom tried really hard online to find a bow that wouldn't be too big.  So she got this one because in the picture it didn't look big.  But really it is.  So I just had fun snapping a few pictures of Edie in it.  She is quite the poser :)

See what I mean?

 So I think we'll just put this bow away until her head gets a bit bigger :)

 She makes the cutest faces at me.  We have so much fun smiling and talking with each other!  It's hard for me to stop smiling and cooing at her long enough to take a picture, and sadly this one is a little blurry.  But we have so much fun making faces at each other!

 And here's our happy family!  Whit didn't have to work on Saturday (yay!) so we had fun hanging out together at home.  Whit even took care of the kids and let me sleep in!  He is such a great husband and dad!  I'm sure he would have loved to just spend the day relaxing, but instead he fixed things around the house, took care of the kids, and ran errands with me.  It was a very productive day and I was so grateful to have him home!  It was a long week :)

And this is how I found Winston Sunday morning.  I went in to wake him up to get ready for church, and he was asleep on the floor.  I wonder if he slept there all night long?  Hope not!  :)  

I also took the kids in for their checkups this week, Winston weighs 25 lbs 4 oz and is 32.25" long.  He's in the 45% for weight and 50% for height.  He seems a lot heavier to me!

And Edie weighs 12 lbs 5 oz, and is 22.25" long.  She's in the 95% for weight and 50% for height.  She's almost exactly the same stats that Winston was at this age.  So I'm really grateful for healthy happy children!

And super chubby ones!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Conference

This post is a little late, but Whit has been working a lot of overtime this last week so I've been really busy!  It makes for some long days but it's great that he is busy at work :)  But I have a little bit of blog catching up to do.  So, last weekend was conference and we loved it!  My sister Kira took the train to our place Saturday morning.  I took the kids and we picked her up at the station just a few minutes from our place.  It was so nice.  Whit had to work that day, so Kira hung out with me and the kids.

She is pretty much wonderwoman :)  It was great to have her take care of the kids so I could finish unpacking and getting things organized.  We also ran a few errands which was awesome.  It's so much easier to go to the store with two adults.  Me taking the two kids by myself proves to be quite a challenge :)

 Sunday morning my parents and brother came up and we all watched conference together at our place.  Winston was very entertaining and kept running all over the place.  It was kind of hard to pay attention to conference at times, thank goodness we can read all of the talks now :)  This picture makes his eyes look crazy, it makes me laugh.

 Kira wanted me to do his hair spiky, and I tried to comply.  But this is what it ended up looking like.

 Fuzz halo.

 That evening we went over to the Pettey's for dessert, and Winston had a lot of fun playing with his cousins! We love those Pettey boys :)

 This is one of my favorite pictures of Edie.  I put her in the baby bjorn so I can get things done around the house, and she falls asleep in it.  Sometimes.  So then I unclip her and put her in her bouncer and she stays asleep.  It's awesome!

And say good-bye to Winston's hair, because we gave him a haircut!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

 Edie just keeps smiling more and more!  I'm loving every last one of them :)

 We still can't get her to take a pacifier, but she loves to suck on her hands or fingers, it is so fun to watch.

 And Winston has become quite the walker!  He gets around so well these days, and is so much happier because of it.  Awesome!

 The Saturday before Easter we went down to my parent's house in Spanish Fork for a Fife family lunch/Easter egg hunt.  Winston loved walking around in the yard and did pretty good on the uneven terrain.  However, when he did fall, he did not like to touch the grass!  He would sit up quickly and wave his hands around and wait until I put him on his feet again.  He hasn't quite learned how to get up without something to climb up.  But he's getting there :) 

He still continues to put everything in his mouth.  Now that we can go outside in the warmer weather, that opens a whole new world of things for him to eat and me to pull out of his mouth!  

 And he loves playing with balls.  It's fun to see.

 The Fife clan.

Four generations--Alice Fife, Wynette Christensen, Brooke and Edith Anderson.

After the hunt, I dragged my family down to the river trail so we could get some family pictures.

Here she is in her Easter finest :)  She wouldn't smile for me though.

She did calm down a bit when Whit held her.  We went downstairs to check out our new home!  The basement got all cleared out and ready for us.  We are so excited to be able to move down there, unpack, and get settled into our new place.

Winston loved roaming around down there, plenty of space for him to walk around and explore.

And he really loves his new playroom!  We are so lucky to be able to live here and save for a home.  Life is really good right now and we are enjoying every minute, at least that's what we're trying to do.  I must admit it's easier to love the minutes when the kids aren't crying, but we're trying to love it all!  :)