Thursday, August 29, 2013

28 weeks

Happy Birthday to my brother Bryce!  To celebrate we usually go up to Park City and hike the mountain he loved to snowboard on.  But this year the thought of taking both kids hiking made me and Whit extra tired, so we suggested riding bikes instead :)  So we were going to go up to Park City and ride bikes up there with my mum, dad, sister, and brother and his girlfriend.  Well, then the weather said it was going to be stormy, so everyone just came up to Farmington and we rode bikes around here.  

We rode along an old railroad that they have paved and converted to a bike/running trail.  It ended up being beautiful while we rode and it actually got a little hot!

Winston fell asleep even though he doesn't look very comfortable!

 He sure is adventurous, he loves to get into anything and everything.  It's funny when he gets stuck.  It was really good to have other people over to help keep him entertained.

We sure had a good time with everyone, even if it wasn't very birthday like for Bryce :)  He would have been 26 and that is just crazy for me to think about.  We sure miss him!

 and here's the newest Bob the Builder fan!  She loves to play with this tractor and every time she hears the theme song for Bob she starts smiling!

Pacifier twins!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 She's sitting up by herself!!!  I still have to keep an eye on her, but she can stay like this for pretty long now.  So exciting to see her get stronger.

 And some things never change!  I go to do something for just a minute, and return to find Winston has gotten into the kitchen drawers again.  I still can't figure out what is so fascinating about bowls, but he seems to love to get them out.  Not necessarily play with them, just get them out!  And those rugs, he just can't leave them alone!  He loves to pick them up and move them.  1000 times a day!

 But this photo gives me such hope.  Some day these two hooligans are going to be great friends and play nicely together and have smiles on their faces all day long, right?

and in the mean time, they will just keep wearing us out!  Everyone is so exhausted by the end of the day :)

But smiles like this make it all worth it.  Seriously!  How can you look at that cute face and not smile?  She is such a healthy baby too--she had her 6 month checkup last week.  She weighs 17 lbs 3 oz (75%), and is 25.75" long (50%).  And she screamed like a banshee when she got her shots.  So loud!  So we know her lungs are super healthy too :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

26 weeks

 Whenever I get out a toy for Edie, Winston has to play with it.  Poor girl can't do anything by herself, she is constantly being terrorized by her brother.  I know it doesn't look like it in this photo, but right after I took it, Winston got up and started pulling on the bars, shaking them until they collapsed, and then dragging the mat away while Edie was stuck inside.  Quite the drama.

 But she lived to see another day.  And I broke out the animal print pants!

 Aren't they cute together?

 I told Winston he should sit on Edie's lap, and he did!  Probably not the best thing for me to have him do, but Edie didn't seem to mind :)

 She can be quite happy at times.  I love her smile so much!

 And then a minute later she will be screaming at the top of her lungs.  Not kidding, one minute later.  Such mood swings :)

 Winston has turned into quite the soccer star and he loves kicking the ball around all day.  It's so fun to watch him play.

 I went in to check on Edie, she was sleeping longer than normal.  I found her like this!  Winston pulls the blankets up over his face too.  What silly kids we have.

But they sure are fun.  This is Winston giving Edie a hug.  I know it doesn't look like a normal hug, but Winston hugs by resting his head on you.  So much fun, I love his hugs!  Looks like Edie does too :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

25 weeks

and the job just keeps getting more and more glamorous!

seriously though, I have cultivated some real protective skills when it comes to my kids.  Just look at the size of this spider, and I killed it all by myself!  It was honestly huge and I almost went upstairs to find my father-in-law to kill it for me.  Really, I went to the door 3 times before I convinced myself that I could do it, and I did.  Such a big and gross spider!  The things we do for our kids, right?

 Last Monday we went to Brigham City to have dinner with some of my high school friends.  We got there a little early so we got some flowers to put on my grandparent's grave.  So here is Winston at my Grandpa Fife's grave.  He also went to Box Elder High so I got him purple and yellow daisies (those were our school colors--go bees!)

 And then we went to my Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's grave.  It's almost been a year since my grandmother passed away so it was good to go add to the flowers on her headstone :)

 Then we met my friends for dinner and we had such a great time catching up!  We usually get together once or twice a year and I'm so glad we've all stayed in touch.  I've been so blessed to have such great friends!

and such wonderful kiddos.  Being a mom is hard and exhausting, but these guys make it all worth it :)