Monday, April 28, 2014

April stuff

 Winston has started playing in his room during nap time, and this is what happens later on in the afternoon!

 I wish he would just sleep during nap time, but I guess any sleep he gets is good :)

 The Saturday before Easter, we had a visit from my mum and dad and sister.  We thought it would be fun to play with the kids outside and blow bubbles.  Winston just liked playing with his stick, of course!

 We had a really exciting Easter Egg hunt in the play room.

 Once Winston discovered there was candy in the eggs, he stopped picking them up. He pulled up a chair and started eating his candy.  It was pretty funny.

 Edie did great--she just kept picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket.  I was surprised she caught on as well as she did.

 The kids had fun spinning on the chair with grandma :)

 Then we went to the park to play for a bit and enjoy the sunshine!

 Both kids enjoyed going down the slide

 Later that night I talked Whit into coloring eggs with me. 

 Then in the morning I made the Christensen traditional Easter breakfast, Golden Rod Eggs.

 Of course Whit had to doctor his up with Siracha sauce :)

here's one last photo of the kiddos doing their favorite activity, playing on the ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad (that's what Winston calls it!)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moab and stuff

For spring break we went to Moab with Whit's family.  A couple of days before we went, Winston got a really bad fever.  You can always tell when he is sick,

 because he falls asleep when he's not in his bed.

 Only happens when he is sick, poor guy!

 Luckily it only lasted a day and then these two were ready for our adventure :)

 The weather was gorgeous and we had such a fun time!  This is all Whit's family, getting ready to go 4 wheeling and biking on gemini bridges.  We took the kids in the Tahoe and drove along the trail.

 We all stopped for lunch together and hiked around a bit.

 Winston loved chillin in the car :)

And this is where we stayed.

 One day we went to Arches and all went hiking together.

 The kiddos loved being with all of their cousins,

 And they loved climbing around and being outside!

 They took their naps in backpacks

 I'm so glad they fell asleep

 and stayed asleep!

 When we hiked delicate arch it was in the middle of a huge windstorm!  It was actually a little scary in places because the wind was so strong and sand was flying in your face so you couldn't see at all.  Not the best hiking conditions.

 But we made it and stayed long enough to snap a quick family photo.  We didn't dare take the kids out of the backpacks because the wind would have knocked them over!  But we covered them up really well so they didn't get sand in their eyes and we all made it back to the car safe and sound.

 This was Edie's bed while we were down there.  Despite appearances, she kind of liked it and slept really well, every night.  We were so grateful!  It made for a really fun trip :)

 Then the next weekend was conference and we enjoyed our traditional breakfast and watching it at home together.  I love conference!

 This is the next Sunday before we went to church.  The kids looked so cute so I wanted to get a picture of them together.

 So Whit tried to get them together for me

 they were a little resistant

 And tried to run away

 And this is the best we got.  At least we tried :)

 They are much happier when I just let them watch tv :)

 Edie now has 5 teeth, her 2 bottom ones that have been there for awhile, then she got 2 top teeth--but not her front teeth, the ones next door.  Then this week another tooth starting poking through on the bottom.  It makes her a little cranky.

But she does a good job of hiding it, right?  :)