Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunny Spring Days

We are loving the warm sunny weather!  I've been taking advantage of the good lighting and trying to get some fun photos of Edie.  Whit went into work late one morning, so I convinced him to be my assistant.


 This is why I need an assistant--Winston.  He loves to be involved with whatever is going on!

 And he especially loves hanging out with his dad :)

 Here he is again, on another photo shoot.  My sister came up to spend the night so Whit and I could go on a date.  We went to see Star Trek, thanks Kira!  So the next morning we did this photo shoot so I could get some nice pictures of Edie in her blessing dress before she grows out of it.  She slept all day when she got blessed so I didn't get many photos then.

Unfortunately, when she wasn't being attacked by Winston, she was sucking on her hands!

This is the best that we got.  She's so cute when she smiles but we just weren't able to get her to smile for us this time.  Oh well.  I'm sure there are many more photos in her future :)

Saturday the weather was so nice and Whit got our bikes all fixed up.  We borrowed a bike trailer from his sister so we could each take a kid, and we went for a "little" ride.  We mostly just wanted to test things out and make sure everything worked ok, and we ended up biking for 12 miles!  We were a little tired when we were done, but it sure was fun.

We were giving Edie a bath that night and Winston kept begging to get in.  He was so impatient and couldn't wait for his turn so we tried bathing them together.  It went pretty well, but I think we'll wait until Edie gets old enough to defend herself before we bathe them together on a regular basis.

Sunday we went down to Spanish Fork for the Wollenzien's talks in Sacrament meeting.  They are our family friends that just got back from a mission to Mozambique.  It was a great meeting and we are happy to have them back!  The kids ended up being in matching clothes (it was Edie's second outfit of the day and I didn't realize it matched Winston until it was already on, and I didn't want to change her again!) so I tried to get some cute pictures of them together.  My dad kept trying to get Winston to smile,

and this is the best that we got.  Cute kids that haven't figured out how to look at the camera and smile at the same time.  Good thing they are young :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Miracle of miracles,

both kids are napping at the same time right now!  I actually got to eat lunch sitting down, while it was still hot, and without being interrupted!  And since they are both still asleep, I can blog.  Yay!

This week the weather was quite warm.  We broke out the shorts and flip flops!  Winston is still getting the hang of the new shoes, but he's getting better.  We loved playing outside and going for walks.

 We also busted out the bumbo for Edie!  She can sit in it pretty well and likes being able to see everyone.  I love to just make faces at her and watch her smiles.

 Winston got a little jealous and wanted to try it out too.  He's a bit too big for it though :)

Saturday we went down to Orem for a jdawg--a polish dog that Whit really likes.  My parents introduced us to the place, so every time we go we call them to see if they want one too.  Of course they do!  So we met them there and then spent a few hours walking around the mall and the Provo River trail.  It was fun to get out and enjoy being together.  But we didn't take any pictures :(  When we got home Whit got out some nori (seaweed).  Winston loves that stuff and gobbles it right up!   

 Really, he even licks it off his hands.  He must be Asian!

 I think she is too.  I love her asian eyes when she smiles!

Sunday Whit made me a mother's day dinner :)  I've been wanting his tempura for a long time, and I got it!  It was so delicious.  We had such a great time at church, Winston went to nursery for the whole time and Edie slept through half of Sacrament meeting, was good for Sunday School, and fell back asleep halfway through Relief Society.  Awesome!  We came home, put Winston down for a nap and Whit made me dinner.  But the good day ended there.  The kids were soooo cranky and restless and it was raining outside and by 6:00 we had had it!  So we packed up the kids in the car and went for a drive.  They both fell asleep and we had a few minutes of peace and enjoyed the drive :)


You can't stay mad at this kid for long, that's for sure!  Whit thought it was hilarious to not button his shirt up all the way.  We kept calling him Rico as he walked around.  It sure made us laugh.  Being a parent is hard work but it sure is worth it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here comes the flood...

 And just when life was settling down and we were getting into a routine, the basement flooded!  We noticed Monday morning that our bedroom carpet was wet.  So after further investigation, we found out the storm drain around the property was blocked and the water was coming into the house.  Luckily it was only our bedroom and the unfinished theater room that got water in them!  They are still trying to get things fixed and back together, so in the mean time Whit and I have our bedroom in the living room.  Isn't a nice fireplace headboard we have?  :)

 I've enjoyed playing on the bed with the kids and they like it too.  Don't they just look like great pals here?  Winston is nice to Edie most of the time :)

 Our happy little girl :)

 Saturday Whit got to help around the yard and I took the kids out to play.  It was such a beautiful day!  We were outside for most of it, and towards evening Whit decided he needed to do something for me for Mother's Day.  So he went and got some plants and made this beautiful planter for me.  I've always wanted one and we're excited to see it grow this summer!

Here's the finished product, I hope I can take good care of it :)

 For some reason, Winston loves this step.  He crawls up on it and just chills whenever we go outside.

 Sometimes he gets adventurous and climbs up the stairs to explore.

 He has to touch everything and has started putting dirt in his mouth.  At least he spits it out when he realizes it doesn't taste good.  But he sure gets dirty!  Oh the joys of little boys :)


 I had to take some pictures of Edie on Sunday in her dress.

 Our cute little future ballerina?  :)

After church we went down to my parent's place to celebrate Mother's Day.  We got there before they got home from church, so we waited for them on the front porch.  It was hot!  But we had a lovely visit, a good dinner, and a nice walk to the cemetery to visit Bryce.  It was a great end to a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh happy day!

Edie's first jumping pictures!  :)

 one of these days when I have more time, I'm sure I could have so much fun with these in photoshop!  Just think of all the fun things she could be bounding over, ha ha.

Sunday was Edie's blessing.  It was such a wonderful day!  We had so much family come to show their love and support for her.  What a lucky girl to be born into such an awesome family :)  And we are so lucky to have her sweet spirit in our home.

 All of the kids had fun jumping on the tramp while we were getting the food ready :)  We had a terrible wind storm Saturday night and it was still pretty gusty when we went to church.  Thankfully by the time we got home, it was perfect weather and we were able to have lunch outdoors after all.  Yay!

 My mom made delicious whole wheat and applesauce pumpkin cupcakes.  They were very good!

 We had to recognize the fact that it was cinco de mayo!  So we had a taco/salsa bar and it was delicious :)

 That sassy gal in red is Whit's step-sister Tia, and the guy in the blue shirt is her husband Ryan.  They have an adorable baby girl that is a couple months older than Edie.  She was also blessed that day so we combined forces and had a huge lunch together to celebrate.  It was awesome!

 My sweet cousin Kari-lynn and her family came up for the occasion.  She is so great!

 And this is what Edie did the whole time we were eating and celebrating.  Really!  I kept waiting for her to wake up and she didn't.  She slept for 4 1/2 hours!  She has never taken a nap that long during the day.  Ever!

 Whit gave her such a beautiful blessing.  It really was such a special day.

 And Winston loved every second of it :)

 My sister came up Friday night to help with the kids and to get things ready for the blessing.  While she was here we took some pictures of Edie.  This was a dress of mine that my mom saved for me.  I had my pictures taken in it when I was two months old, so it's fun to put it on Edie for a photo shoot.  I'm trying to get better at photoshop and I'm sure that if I had a bit more time I could tweak these to be really nice.  But this is what you get for now :)

We love you Edie!