Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

But first I'll need to catch up on the past month :)  We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!  Whit is currently serving as our ward's Young Men president, and he organized the first annual ward Turkey Bowl the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  

 They had a great time playing football, and Whit was even on the winning team.  That made him especially happy!

 We also got this little walker for Winston, and he is getting pretty good at walking with it.  I'm sure it won't be long until he gets confident enough to walk without it.  Then we are really in for it!  :)

 Sadly, this is the only picture we took on Thanksgiving :(  Whit spent the morning cooking, while I went to our clubhouse and worked out while Winston was sleeping.  It was so nice!!!  Then we got ready and headed up to Bountiful to Julie's place (Whit's mom) for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had such a fun time with family there, it was great!  Winston loves watching all of his cousins play.  Then we stopped by my Aunt's place in Woods Cross on the way home.  It was fun to visit with family there for a bit.  Then we headed home and put Winston to bed and crashed on the couch.  It was such a nice day.

 Friday Whit went into work, but only worked for a couple of hours until he realized that no one else was coming in!  So he stopped by a Black Friday sale on his way home to pick up some scouting supplies, and then we headed down to my parent's place in Spanish Fork.  We took down my aunt's couch for them, she was kind enough to give it to them.  It took Whit and my dad about an hour to figure out how to get it in their basement, but they eventually got it down and got the old couch up and loaded in the truck to take to DI.  My parents dropped it off and then were kind enough to watch Winston so Whit and I could go see the James Bond movie!  What a treat.  A real date on a Friday night, complete with dinner at the Pita Pit.  It was an awesome night!  We spent the night there in Spanish Fork and in the morning we all went up to the church to play a bit of basketball.  Then we hung out together for awhile, gave Winston his first Oreo, and we all made pies.  It was such a fun day.

 Our post-pie bellies!

 Whit's birthday was the next weekend, so he took Friday off work! 

His birthday present was these headphones that he's been wanting for a long time.  He was excited to finally get them :)

 Then we headed up to Jim and Karyn's cabin to spend the night.  Saturday we went up to the Uintahs to cut down our very first Christmas tree!  Here is the tree we found, it did make me a little sad to cut it down.  It was so pretty up there in the mountains!

 My mom and dad came too, and got a tree for themselves.  My sister Kira was nice and stayed at the cabin to watch Winston, so we didn't have to drag him out in the cold.  It wasn't too bad, but we did have to wear our snowshoes and I was glad we didn't have to worry about him getting cold in the backpack.

 We got home that night and set up the tree.  Whit started putting lights on the tree, but only covered half of it when we ran out.  So he got some more lights on Monday, but by then I had caught this silly cold and was pretty much out of it!  I've learned the hard way that you don't want to get a head cold when pregnant, they just don't work well together!  But after almost two weeks, I finally was able to breathe through my nose at night and slept the whole night through.  Yippee!  I'm sure recovery is now close behind.  And we did finally finish decorating the tree.  I love it.

Christmas time is here!