Monday, May 9, 2011

Another funny story

So, Whit prides himself on being an individual. After he proposed, he was quite distraught to find out that my parents also got engaged around Thanksgiving. When we were deciding when to get married, we thought April would be nice, until Whit found out that's when my parents got married. We got married in May.

When he took my parents out to dinner, to ask for my hand in marriage, he told them where he was thinking of taking me for our honeymoon. He told them that he thought it would be fun to go to Disneyland. My mom laughed, and said that they went to Disneyland on their honeymoon, how funny he wanted to do the same thing! That was the end of that idea, we went to Monterey :)

The night that we got married, Whit said he had a gift for me. He gave me a beautiful brand new set of scriptures, with my new name embossed on the cover. I was so excited! And I thought it was so sweet because that's what my dad gave my mom when they got married. Whit wasn't very happy when I told him that, he thought he was so original :)

So, we got our ultrasound tonight! We are having a boy!!! Yay! I always wanted to have a boy first :) We've been thinking of names forever, and Whit really likes the name Winston for a boy. I like that too, since my Grandpa's names are Wynn and Darwin, and my mom's name is Wynette. So Winston kind of follows along those lines, and Whit likes it because it's the name of a fishing rod company :) When I called my parents to tell them we are having a boy, I told them we were thinking of naming him Winston Bryce Anderson. My mom gave out a shout and said "I love the name Winston! I tried to get your dad to name one of our boys Winston." So my mom likes the name (but I guess that means my dad doesn't). When I told that to Whit, he threw his hands up in the air and said, "it's over! I give up." I told him it's not a bad thing to have the same ideas as my parents, but I don't think he's buying it yet :)

Anyways, we are having a boy, thinking of naming him Winston, and are way super excited!!!

In other news, here's some pics from this last week :)

We went to Temple Square last week to look at the tulips. We were walking around and we came upon Julie (Whit's mom), Katie (Whit's sister), and the Pettey boys (Katie and Greg's sons). It was so fun to run into them, what a small world! And the flowers were gorgeous!

Whit installed this awesome shelf in the garage! You can lower it down with a crank, load it up, and hoist it back up to the ceiling where it's out of the way. We got another one that' he'll put up sometime soon. Yay for more storage space!

And for Mother's Day we went up to Brigham City to visit Grandma Christensen. We had a nice time up there. It's good to see her and spend time with family.

Yay! We're having a boy :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well, Aunt Jo tells me that my blog is boring since I never post. So sorry about that! We have done some fun stuff, it's great having Whit back to a normal schedule. We have been able to visit family, gone to a couple of movies, and get some things done around the house.

Here's a couple photos of the Easter Egg Hunt of the century! My mom and dad spent the afternoon hiding eggs for me and Whit, Mckay, and Dallin. All adults. I think my parents will be so excited when there are some grandkids close to home :) Until then, we'll have to do.

Here are some of the things that we've done around the house--Whit installed hardware on all of our cabinets, Yay!

I planted a little herb garden. I hope we can keep them growing.

We also got an entertainment stand for the tv. I think Whit did a great job of putting it all together. It's so handy to have a man around the house to do those sort of things! :)

I also got to go to a day of Women's Conference down at BYU with my mom and grandma. It was great fun. I've never seen so many ladies crocheting in all of my life! :) We got to go to some great classes and it was really fun for me to get a break from the office for a day. Although I discovered that it is much more tiring walking around campus and going to different classes that just sitting at my desk working all day. I was totally beat by then end of our day! It was really good though :)

On Saturday we took a break from cleaning and running errands, and Whit grilled us hamburgers for lunch. They were so good! Huge but good. We love our little grill and are looking forward to warmer weather and fun times ahead!