Monday, November 28, 2011

Winston's First Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving!  We traveled all the way down to Grandma Fife's house in American Fork.  We celebrated with Grandma, some aunts and uncles, and a few cousins.  We ate a delicious dinner, skyped with McKay in China, and played a few games.  I love Thanksgiving!

 One of the rare moments that Winston was held by Whit.  Most of the day everyone else was fighting over who would get to hold him.

 This is mom skyping with McKay.  We missed him this year!  He said he had a pretty good Thanksgiving though :)

 Winston being held by Aunt Kerry.  He is definitely quite popular with the ladies, my aunts at least!  :)

 The whole gang out in grandma's back yard.

 Winston loves his great-grandma!  We do too!  :)

 Four generations with 4 different last names--Ackroyd, Fife, Christensen, and Anderson!

 I've been putting Winston on his stomach and his neck is getting really strong.  He's just resting here though, but I thought he looked cute :)

 His infamous "grumpy face"

 He just loves being held by his dad!

 And he loves his grandma Julie!  :)  She came down with the Holley family for a visit on Saturday.  We had nachos for dinner and the girls got to meet Winston for the first time.

 Here he is with beautiful aunt Linsey :)

 and the fun Holley girls!

This doesn't quite capture it, but Winston was quite taken with his cousin!  Every time she would talk with him, he would turn his head and listen intently to her.  It was so fun to watch.  Winston is so lucky to be surrounded by such great family!  We are too--we sure did enjoy seeing and talking with so many of our family members this week.  It was great.  I wish there was a holiday every week!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The sixth week skinny

If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay,

simply turn it upside down and smile that frown away!  :)
Winston gives us little smiles here and there, and we love them!  I love his grumpy face too though...  it's just so cute!
 Here you go, all of you people that wanted to see Whit change a diaper!  I have to say, I am one lucky gal.  From the time he comes home from work, until he goes to bed, Whit changes all of the diapers!  He really is such an amazing dad.  He can't wait to hold Winston and he just takes care of him all night.  It's so nice for me to have that little break :)  I really lucked out!
 Here's our cute little football :)

 Winston loves to be on his stomach.  This is one of his favorite positions.  Kira can get him to sleep every time she holds him like this.  It's awesome :)

 He did this all on his own.  He must be asian :)  My brother McKay once told me that all asian kids make this sign when posing for pictures!

 Told you Kira could always get him to sleep when in this position :)  She fell asleep too!

 Grandpa trying to console Winston after a diaper change.  For some reason, Winston always cries when he gets his diaper changed.  We can't figure it out.  Sometimes he's almost hysterical.  I have to keep telling him that it's for his own good, and he'll be so much happier once it's changed.  Sometimes he listens to me, most of the time he just keeps on crying.

Our Sunday visit.  My cousin Kimiko and her family came to town from California, and we had a great time visiting and catching up.  Yay for family! 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Number five is alive!

Has it really been 5 whole weeks since Winston was born?  My how time flies!  He's certainly getting stronger and growing growing growing!  We've moved on from newborn to size 1 diapers, if you can believe it!  And we took him to church for the first time today.  There is a family in the ward who had a baby girl, the day before Winston.  When her dad saw Winston at church today, he made us go compare babies--he said Winston is huge compared to his daughter!  Whit and I didn't think he was that much bigger, but he was definitely longer.  Anyways, it's fun to see him grow!

 He likes to sleep with his hands by his face, they end up in some pretty silly poses :)
 I can just hear him saying, "Grandma, why did you put my hat on crooked?"
  As my former roommate Melanie calls it, "soft hands."

 I think we finally captured the startled look!
 He has been so fussy lately.  For some reason he cries whenever he is not held.  I can't figure it out!  We have tried putting him in a swing, but he doesn't like that at all.  So we went and got this little bouncer that vibrates, hoping that this would be something he likes.  So we put him in it and he loved it, for about 2 minutes.  So then we put in the heart beat bear, and that calmed him down, for about 30 seconds.  Then he looked like this:
 This is the Winston we know and love.  He has cried so much this week, that this is how he looks most of the time.  But yet, all we have are these sweet, serene photos.  I think I just take pictures when he is calm, so I can look at them when he is crying and remember that he was calm once, for a few minutes at least!  :)

According to my calculations, each of these squares is about 3 inches wide, which makes Winston about 24 inches long.  That means he has grown an inch a week!  At this rate, it will take him another 52 weeks to grow to 6'4", which would make Whit happy.  Aren't there only 54 weeks in a year?  So we're going to have a 6'4" one year old?  Wouldn't that be something...Guess we'll just have to wait and see how long Winston can keep up with the growing 1 inch a week thing :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

4 Weeks Old!

It's hard to believe that Winston has been here for a whole month!  He's growing tons, and the newborn clothes are just a wee bit too short for him in the torso.  So we've moved on up to the 3 month size of clothes, and they are just a wee bit too big for him.  Oh well.  We are happy he is healthy and growing :)  So here we have some of the many faces of Winston:

Whit made a human recliner for him and he had fun hanging out with his dad :)

Sometimes he makes a face where he looks so startled and scared.  This captures about half of it, he's usually a bit more scared looking.

Doing a little diaper changing dance :)

Doesn't he look so peaceful while he sleeps?

One day he grabbed Whit's finger and put it in his mouth.  He'd never done that before, so of course we had to take a picture :)

And if you can stand a little more of Winston, we took this little video.  It's just fun to watch his facial expressions and how he can go from happy and calm to squirmy, and back to calm again.

We sure do love our little Winston!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thriving at three weeks!


Winston had his 2 week checkup last week and he has already gained a pound and grown 2 inches!  He is getting bigger and stronger every day.  He loves to lift up his head and look at the world around him :)  We are so grateful that he is healthy and growing!  He definitely has his fussy days, and sometimes he won't sleep.  But then he will have a spell of wonderful days where he is just happy and calm and we love those days!  :)

For Halloween we dressed little Winston up in pumpkin pajamas and took him to Whit's work to meet everyone.  Then we stopped by my office to say hi to all of my co-workers.  Win did pretty good, he just started getting fussy towards the end, when it was time for him to eat again.  It was fun to get out and show him off a bit though :)  Even if it did wear the poor guy out!

 I just think he's the cutest!  When Whit got home from work, we ran across the street and my sister took some family photos.  Whit was very reluctant, and not afraid to let us know he really didn't want to have his picture taken in a bunch of weeds!

But I think this picture turned out pretty well :)  At any rate, it was good to get a few family pics with Winston at three weeks old.  We'll see what next week brings...