Sunday, June 5, 2011

Marevelous May

We have had so much fun these past few weeks! We went to the U2 concert in Salt Lake and it was fabulous. I was a little nervous about the weather, since it had been raining non-stop and the concert was outside. But it didn't rain a drop on us and it was a beautiful night. The stadium was totally packed, the stage was super awesome, and U2 totally rocked! It was pretty much the best concert ever :)

Then the next day we flew out to Chicago! We went for a little anniversary celebration. That's right, we've been married a year :) We had a great time in Chicago, despite the rainy weather we had every day. We got to do loads of fun stuff--like go to the art institute (Whit loved that one), a cubs game (Whit really did love that one!), the top of the Sears tower, the aquarium, planetarium, museum of natural history, the science museum, the Robie house, top of the Hancock building, and we took an architectural river tour. We went to church at a school where we had sacrament meeting in the school auditorium, Sunday School in the library, and Whit went to Priesthood in the 5th grade Social Studies classroom. We thought that was a pretty interesting experience. Our flight coming home got canceled, so we had to spend most of Monday (Memorial Day) at the airport getting re-routed home. But Whit taught me how to play backgammon on his ipod and we eventually made it home. Back to work and back to reality.

Whit was very patient as I looked at all of the fantastic art
He was very excited to be done with the art institute
and so happy to be at Wrigley Field!
Sitting in the glass box that pokes out from the top of the Sears Tower was super scary! It was so high up!
It really lived up to it's name as the Windy City :)
and it was super rainy too! This is what we usually looked like by the time we got home each night.
But we did have occasional bouts of sunshine :) What a fun trip!!!

Then this weekend my brother Tyler and his family came to town and we got to spend some time with the nephews and niece. Whit took them for a ride on the motorcycle and they totally loved that :) Then Whit went for a ride with his friends and I got to hang out with the little ones. We built forts, made cookies, went through the car wash, and then went to the park. They totally wiped me out but it was a fun time.

Ready for another week of fun as we work for a few days and then head up to the Anderson cabin for a Christensen family reunion. We're all looking forward to spending some time together in the mountains. Yay for summer!!!