Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness!

 This is a little late, but we took Edie in for her 1 year checkup on President's Day.  I had this picture on my phone and forgot about it.

 This was later that same day.  We went up to Whit's parent's cabin for the day and Winston fell asleep the second we got in the car to come home.  This is before we even pulled out of the gate.  It sure was a fun day enjoying the snow!

 And then we started packing.  We have really enjoyed living in Whit's parent's basement, but we are so excited our house is finally finished!

 I didn't take any pictures of the actual move itself, and I think my camera is still in the basement somewhere.  I am sure eventually I will find it, but in the meantime I've just taken a few pictures with my phone.  Like this one :)  Winston had a little adjustment period where he wouldn't take naps.  I would just leave him in his room and he would take out every article of clothing from his dresser, pull off every book from the bookshelf, pull out every wipe from the container, pull out all of his clean diapers... His room always looks like a war zone after nap time.  But as you can see, he is tired!  One day I took the kids to target in the afternoon and of course Winston fell asleep in the car.  Luckily he stayed asleep when I laid him down in the cart.  It was a little tricky getting stuff in the cart with him taking up most of the room, but luckily we didn't need to get a lot!

And little miss monkey would not sit still!  At one point she was kneeling and holding onto the mop with one hand and she looked like George Washington crossing the Delaware, you know what painting I am talking about?  Would have been funnier if I didn't have to keep trying to get her from climbing out of the cart :)

So on the mornings I have been taking the kids for walks, and of course Winston fell asleep in the stroller.  I just laughed at his fingers!  I sent the picture to Whit but he didn't notice--Winston is flipping the bird.  He didn't want to go on a walk this day and kicked and screamed when I put him in the stroller (because he was so tired) so it made me laugh that this is how he fell asleep!

 Last weekend my parents and sweet sister came up and helped watch the kids so we could get some things done around the house!  My dad helped me make these covered footstools.  I was really impressed with my dad's skills :)  We've loved having somewhere to put up our feet :)

 With the move we got 1:00 church.  Of course that is right during Winston's naptime, but sometimes we are lucky enough to have him fall asleep in church!  He still hasn't made it through nursery yet though, he cries the whole time. So we either stay with him there or take him out in the halls, depending on how loud he is crying.  We are really hoping he will get used to it here and go on his own soon!

 He sure is a funny kid.  I pulled out my phone to take a picture and he ran up to me with this "smile."  :)

 I was trying to get a picture of Edie's pig tails.  I've been trying really hard to get her hair cute, but it's a battle

 that usually ends up like this!

 But for the most part the kiddos are doing well in their new digs.  We are so happy to be here and have really enjoyed the neighborhood.  Yay for new beginnings.

And here is Whit with his his high school buddies.  We all got together to celebrate Shane's birthday and it was fun reconnecting with everyone.  We are so happy to be close to friends and to have the opportunity to make some new ones!