Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun random week

Here's Edie last Sunday.  She loves to clap all of the time and we love seeing her clap.  What a cutie!

 And Winston in his new recliner.  We're all about Bob here, "Reduce Reuse Recycle" is resonating with Winston, he's repurposed Edie's swing to be his new chair.  Awesome.

Edie doesn't mind, she loves her new high chair.  She never sits still in it for long and loves to rest her leg on the tray.  Whatever keeps her happy :)

Friday night we dressed up the kids and took them to the Community Center down the street from us.  They had some sort of carnival for the kids going on.  So we got our little Asian Kids ready!

They pay great attention to their Dad when he tells them to look at him,

but they don't really get it when I tell them to smile!

But Winston's got some great faces going on!

He was a little scared at the carnival, I think he's still a little young to get what's going on.  Everyone thought he was really cute though :)

 Saturday morning the kids helped Whit change the oil in the car.

 Then we went out for lunch--Edie was obviously starving! 

 We let Winston feed himself so we could eat.  I thought noodles would be less messy than rice but I think I was wrong! 

 Then we went for a lovely afternoon hike in the hills by our house.  It was a beautiful fall day and we loved being outside!

 We borrowed a friend's backpack so we could each pack a kid.  They loved it!

 This doesn't really capture it, but it's a view of the valley with tons of fall colors.  Utah lake in the distance.  So pretty!

 and after a week of my elbow really hurting from my bike crash last week, I went in to have it checked out.  It's broken, so they gave me a sling and told me that it would start to feel better in a couple of weeks.  Yay!

 And Sunday evening we went up to Brigham to go to the viewing of my dear friend's father.  It was good to see her and her family and a good reminder of how important families are.  I'm so grateful for my little family, I love them so much!!! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Family Pictures!

But first I just have to show what Winston does during nap time.  I don't know if you can tell, but all the clothes have been taken out of his drawer, and then shoved back in.  And of course all of the books have been taken off the bookshelf.  I'm just impressed he tried to put his clothes back :)

He's still the pacifier thief!  I left Edie's pacifier on the counter for a second and when I came to check on Winston, this is what I found.  He's sneaky!

 But oh so cute!  We went to Thanksgiving Point to get our family pictures taken and I was soooo happy to get some fall leaves!  Fall is my favorite!

 Whit's face is my favorite in this one!  Ha ha!!!

 I was pretty happy with how they turned out, I really like the fall colors!  We enjoyed looking at all the trees and deciding which ones we want to plant in our new yard.

 And of course no week would be complete without a shout out to Bob the Builder!  We went on a bike ride on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I was a little clumsy and fell over on my bike pretty hard.  I was still clipped in and got off balance and didn't brace my fall very well.  I tweaked my elbow pretty bad.  So Whit booked it home to get the car to come back and get us.  While we waited at the fairgrounds, Winston started running towards "Bob."  I tried to get him to turn around and wave to the camera, but this is all I got, a half hearted wave while he was checking things out.  I was just impressed I could take a picture while holding Edie and suffering from my injuries!  :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Winston!

 It was attack of the killer mosquitos again this week!  This time Winston got bit on his ear.  I tried to get a good picture of it with Whit before he went to work, but this didn't really capture it.

 So I tried again while Winston was eating breakfast.  Still can't really tell, but his one ear is about double the size of the other.  Poor kid!  He did look really funny for a couple of days.

 And then it was his birthday and he got this cool new slide!  He has had a lot of fun climbing up and sliding down.  Yay!

 And then we went up to the cabin for the weekend.  He had a few minutes where he played nicely with Edie :)

 Winston wasn't a huge fan of riding on the 4 wheelers, so he walked a lot.

 The fall colors were so pretty up there!

 We had fun playing at the playground, Winston loved riding down the slides.

 And of course we all loved being together at the beautiful cabin.  Edie was happy for the most part and actually let other people hold her.  It was so nice!  We all enjoyed that :)

 Kira made this awesome Bob cake for Winston.  She made Bob out of modeling chocolate and we all were pretty impressed with her mad modeling skills!

 Winston was especially taken with Bob, and after a few pictures we let him go at it...

 And he bit Bob's nose off!  Yum, I guess.

 And Edie laughed.

 I tried to get a cute picture of them together before church on Sunday.  Some things never change, Winston still tried to take Edie's bow off!

So this is the best I got--Winston's done taking pictures and Edie's bow is smack dab in the middle of her forehead.  Oh well.  She still looks cute, right?  :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Conference!

Winston LOVES to watch Bob the Builder.  Our newest morning routine is I get Winston up and feed him breakfast, put Edie down for a nap, and then Winston watches Bob while I do an exercise video and take a shower.  Bob will keep him entertained for 2 hours at least.  It's been marvelous!  

 When I came to check on him the other day, this is what I found.  I'm afraid he may be turning into a couch potato!  But we make sure to be really active for the rest of the day :)

 We've started having a weekly play group at the church.  It's fantastic!  The kids love playing with the nursery toys, and we enjoy chatting with one another.  This week we were the first ones there so we had a few minutes to ourselves before everyone else came.  I was pleasantly surprised to watch Winston bring over toys for Edie to play with, it was really cute!

 This is Whit at the end of our 5 hour appointment to pick out finishes for our home!  They told us it would take 5 hours and we didn't believe them--we already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted.  I guess we didn't realize how many choices there were going to be!  We were pretty tired at the end, but Edie held up pretty well.  Thank heavens my sister came up and watched Winston for us, we never would have made it through the appointment with him!  Anyways, we had tons of fun picking out all our finishes, it made everything seem real!  You can't really tell, but these are the colors for the outside of the house-grey will be the main color, with the dark grey accent and white trim.  We hope the neighbors across the street won't hate us too much, because those are the same colors as their house!  But we're getting a red door and I don't think they have that.  Whit wanted to declare his Ute pride :)

 After the appointment we went home and got Winston, my sister, and Whit's parents and we went to walk through a home that is our same floor plan.  It was very helpful to get an idea of the space and what options we want to get.  We are getting soooooo excited!  Hopefully they will start digging the hole within the next couple of weeks...

And here's darling Edie in her very own high chair!  We got one for her so we can all sit down and eat at the same time.  She's getting really good at picking up these little crackers all on her own.  She loves them!  It's really fun to see her growing up :)