Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jivin' July

So I’m the biggest slacker! I can’t believe we haven’t posted since May. Ugh—time flies by too fast. Well, I guess we should start with the highlights from June:

We had several friends and neighbors that have had babies, and Whit’s been awesome to make dinner for them. So we’ve been out a-visiting and I’ve loved holding all of these sweet little newborns.

We had a “family reunion” for our immediate family on the Christensen side. Whit’s dad and stepmom graciously let us use their cabin, that is up near Kamas. My mom and dad and brothers McKay and Dallin came all the way from Spanish Fork, my grandma came from American Fork, my brother Tyler and his family came from Bloomington, Indiana, and my sister Kira came from Tucson, Arizona. Since we are all spread out, we don’t all get together in the same place at the same time very often. So it was wonderful to have 3 full days together up at the cabin!

Dad loved playing with the grandkids :)

My family loved 4-wheeling, even though in this pic Kira looks scared to death

One of my favorite hiking photos!

The gang at a lake that we hiked to

My brother Tyler organized a family olympics--we had several different events that we competed in.  My grandma aced the discus :)

The next weekend Whit ran in the Ragnar Wasatch Back. He was in a team that was organized by one of his high school buddies. Well, that friend had something come up at the last minute, and wasn’t able to run the race. So Whit ran the race with a bunch of strangers :) He said they all got along great, and they had a fun time together. I went up to cheer Whit on for the last leg of his run. It was fun to see him come in and finish. Made me want to be a runner and not just a spectator though :) But then the next day when Whit couldn’t walk because he was so sore, I was glad I didn’t run it myself!

My cousin Kari-lynn came to town, and she brought her son over for dinner. My dear friend Heather came over with her son too! Heather was roommates with me while I was going to the U. Then she moved to Ogden and was roommates with Kari-lynn there. It was so fun to get together with them. Whit made us a yummy dinner and we spent the night talking about baby stuff :)

That weekend we had a bridal shower for one of my favorite friends Kasey. She is marrying a golf pro, and is quite the golfer herself. So we had a golf-themed shower that was super fun. My friend Holly is so creative and came up with all of these golf-themed food ideas, we had “club” sandwiches, chips (I guess chipping is a golf term), “green” salad, sand traps (vanilla pudding with crushed wafers on top), and golf ball shaped cake balls. It was darling! And we all had a great time holding those precious babies—they are just so cute!

 The bride to be!

My friend Carla and her cute baby boy.  We can't wait to have play dates for our sons!  :)

Before you know it, it turned into July! To celebrate the 4th, we went down to Spanish Fork Sunday night. Whit wanted to check out the Spanish Fork river, to see if it’s a good time to go fishing there. So we all piled in my parent’s van and took a Sunday drive up the canyon. We got out to check out the river and had to tromp through a field to get there. We were quite the spectacle, walking around in our Sunday clothes. But I think the only ones to notice us out there were the mosquitos! They attacked in full force. We tried to take some fun pictures, but the mosquitos got the better of us and we ended up running back to the van. And just in case you’re curious, there is still too much water in the river for really good fishing :)

On the 4th of July, we went to my parent's annual neighborhood breakfast. We ate tons of food and then played this soccer game where you hit a ball with these swimming floaty noodles. It was quite the game. Whit, Dallin, and Brother Beatty took on the rest of us, and of course they scored way more goals than us—even though we outnumbered them about 3 to 1! However, the highlight of the game for me was when I was close to the goal line. I was just about to score a goal when Whit stole the ball away from me. He then hit it really hard to go back into the playing field, but it hit me instead. Right on my belly where the baby is. And then it bounced into their goal line. So I like to say that our baby has scored his first goal! It was pretty funny :)

Well, that about wraps up what we’ve been up to. I’m enjoying summer, just not the swollen ankles that come with it! :)