Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2013!

It's about time for the Christmas report, don't you think?  I'm slowly starting to get organized and back to normal life!  We had way too much fun over the holidays :)

 We took Winston to see the lights at Temple Square, when Whit went with the youth of our ward.  It was super cold, but Winston loved looking at the lights.  I was experimenting with my camera, trying to get some good shots of the lights.  But I failed!  There were soooo many people that I felt silly setting up my tripod, so all of the pictures turned out too blurry.  Oh well.  You'll just have to take my word for it that it was beautiful!

I got to quit my job!  I was only working two days a week, but now I get to stay home full time.  Hooray!  To help me celebrate, the day after my last day of work my family came over to play.  Dallin played Christmas songs on the piano, and we girls made sugar cookies.

My Auntie Lauryl was in town, visiting from Tucson.  She, my grandma, and my mum decorated all of these cookies for me to take around to our neighbors.  It was the best!  All I had to do was wrap them up and then take them around to everyone.

I made stockings for us, since we don't have any of our own.  Whit thinks they are too small, but they worked for us this year since I didn't even think about getting anything to put in them!  Sometimes I wonder where my mind is :)  I've definitely spaced out on quite a few things lately.  Like showing up an hour and a half early to my doctor's appointment today :)  But anyways,

This is our family Sunday shot in front of the Christmas tree.  Hopefully for the picture next year we can get Winston to smile on command.  He's so cute when he smiles!


Christmas Eve we went to the Fife family party at my Aunt Jo's house.  Winston was a little unsure of their dog, it was funny to see them react to one another.

Every year we do a white elephant game and this year did not disappoint.  It's a great Fife tradition :)

 After that party, we headed up to Farmington to the Anderson party at Whit's sister Katie's house.  They have a cousin gift exchange and the boys were so excited for Winston to open up his present.  It was really cute!

Then the Anderson girls did their Santa Lucia song.  They turn off all of the lights and come in by candlelight, singing a song.  It's adorable!  And one day our little girl can join in the ranks, don't you think a little Korean girl would fit in just right to this Swedish tradition?  :)

We got back to our place late that night and opened up a present, our new blue ray player!  Whit's wanted one forever so we finally used some amazon gift cards that I had saved up and got one.  What big spenders we are!  :)

Christmas morning we helped Winston open up his presents, all 3 of them!  :)  I love this picture, he's slurping the ribbon like a piece of spaghetti.  He loves the silliest things!

 Later that morning we headed down to Spanish Fork to spend some time with family.  My mom and dad put this letter in my stocking, it was some things I wrote I would give to Jesus as a Christmas present.  I was 11 or 12 when I wrote it, so it was fun to see again.

 Since there was so much snow, we took Winston in the back yard to see how he'd like being pulled on a sled.  He didn't like it one bit!  We sure got some good laughs out of it though :)

 The whole gang in front of the tree.

 And we finished off the night with a rousing game of speed Rummy-O.  What fun!

And sadly I didn't take any pictures after that.  But the day after Christmas we got to go to the airport to welcome home Whit's parents!  They have spent the last two years in Lebanon and Jordan, on a service mission for the church.  It is so great to have them home again!  It was quite an exciting time at the airport.

For New Year's we went up to the Anderson cabin for a lovely weekend of games, movies, and lots of food.  Some of Whit's family was up there and Winston had a great time with his cousins.  It was so cold that we didn't spend much time outside, but we had tons of fun just hanging out together in the warm cabin.  I love that place!  Then we came back and hit normal life full force.

Now my days are spent trying to learn how to menu plan, keep the house clean, and keep Winston from opening all the cupboards or going up the stairs!  My goal is to get lots of meals in the freezer and get the house all organized before baby girl gets here.  It's getting close and we are soooo excited.  Happy New Year everyone!