Wednesday, March 27, 2013

6 weeks!

Hard to believe it's already been 6 weeks since she was born!  She is just growing and growing and we love her so much!

 It was a pretty quiet week, we didn't do many exciting things.  Saturday we ran some errands and visited family, and when we came home we found this mess!  I was doing laundry and the detergent fell off the washer and landed on the carpet.  It was a new bottle from costco, and practically all of it was spilled onto the carpet!  It was  such a mess and you wouldn't think it, but laundry detergent is hard to clean up.  We did our best with the shopvac, but ended up having to call a professional to come on Monday :(  I think I'm going to try powder detergent from now on!

 She is growing into her tights, but they are still a little baggy on her.  Oh well :)  She was an angel and slept through all 3 hours of church!  It was so awesome!  Whit took Winston to nursery for the first time, but they didn't last very long.  We'll try again next week.  Church is always an adventure with kids, you never know quite what to expect :)

Can you see her double chin!  She is just chubbing right up and we love every ounce of it!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Here's a happy Winston.  This is what I do when I need to feed Edie--I put Winston in his bouncer so he can't walk away or get into anything.  Most of the time he just whines and wants to get out, but every once in awhile he'll play and be happy.  We like those times!

 Especially since Edie has now discovered she can cry too!  She's not shy about letting us know when she wants something.  She can be quite the drama queen :)

 Sometimes she sucks her thumb.  We keep trying to give her a pacifier, but she hasn't really taken to them yet.  Just like Winston.

 We have really been enjoying the warmer weather, we've gone for a few walks and Winston loves bouncing on the trampoline.  What fun!

 I just have to laugh at his hair, I keep trying to figure out ways to style it but I don't think we've found the right look for him yet.  This definitely isn't it!  It's alright because they never last anyways :)

 At the end of the day his hair just ends up in sticking straight up.  But it's fun to rub and everyone loves rubbing his head :)

 At least he has hair, right?  I'm glad we can put cute headbands on Edie and hopefully someday she'll have enough hair to put bows in :)

 Do you notice all of the wet spit up marks on the blanket?  This girl likes to spit up.  A lot.  So we go through a lot of outfits each day.  Good thing she has a lot of clothes :)

 This is what she wore to church on Sunday, Grandma Karyn said she looked like an Easter egg with these colors together :)

 And then after church, when she spit up on that dress, she got to change into her St. Paddy's outfit.  We went to Grandma Julie's for dinner and had fun celebrating with everyone.

Aren't holidays the best?  We love celebrating, that's for sure!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Month Old!

Here we are at Grandma's!  We went down there last week so I could have a little break, and mum and Kira could see the kiddos :)  We had a great time, Winston wowed them with his walking skills and we had a photo shoot for Miss Edie:

 She has the cutest little smile, that this photo doesn't capture at all.  But you can use your imagination and get an idea of what it is like.

 Have I mentioned that I love that dimple?!

 This one makes me laugh since we have a family photo where my little brother is about 3 and is flipping the bird, unbeknownst to him.  Edie must take after her uncle McKay... :)

 Again with the dimple.  Yep, I'm one of those moms!

 She stretches her arms out like crazy at random times.

 Isn't she sweet?

 And Kira didn't think we would get any good pictures :)  She crocheted this cute blanket by the way, it's so soft and snuggly.  Thanks Kira!

 Ha ha!

 Again with the crazy arm stretches.

I was rocking her one night and she just kept looking up at me so serenely.  I just love our little baby girl!

So that's that.  It was a great week.  Friday was the day we went down to Spanish Fork.  Whit took the train down after work and we picked him up in Orem.  We all went to dinner at Red Lobster.  I have been craving sea food the whole pregnancy and made Whit promise we would go out for shrimp after I had baby Edie.  So we took my parents and brother and sister to say thanks for all of their help with our move and taking care of the kids.  Bad idea to go on a Friday night!  But we still had a good time together.  Then on Saturday I went to my friend Holly's place for a little party and got to see some good friends that I haven't seen for awhile.  On the way home I stopped by the rehab place to visit my grandma Fife.  She had hip surgery a few weeks ago and is staying at the rehab place for awhile.  It was so fun to introduce her to Edie. It was so sweet to see her hold this little baby.  I wish I would have taken a picture!  But we had a nice visit and then I came home.  Whit was so nice to watch Winston the whole time I was gone :)  Sunday we made it to all of church.  Whit was out in the hall with Winston pretty much the whole time, but I really enjoyed our meetings.  Edie slept pretty much the whole time until the last 15 minutes or so, it was awesome!  Then Whit made us all a super fancy and delicious dinner.  Yum.  Then we went over to the Pettey's to play games.  I love Sunday game nights!  What a great way to end a fun week :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 3

I found the cord for my phone!  We are slowly getting a little more organized around here.  Now if only we could find our clubhouse key to give to our renter...

So here are a few pictures of sweet Edie that I have taken with my phone!

 Here she is a few moments after she was born,

and here's Whit the day after she was born :)

We had such a lovely time in the hospital, she just ate, slept, and looked pretty!

 and when we brought her home she just did more of the same!  She is such a good sleeper and I appreciate it so much!

 this picture doesn't do it justice, but her hands and feet are huge!  And she loves squirming around and grunting in her sleep.  She makes the funniest noises :)

 She spends a lot of time in her swing while we play around her.  winston is still learning to leave her alone while she is in the swing though.  If I'm not quick enough, he tries to climb in there with her!

 He has started walking around though!  He has made a lot of progress this last week.  He is still wobbly, but he can get pretty far before he falls.  It's been fun to see.

 And you can almost see Edie's cute dimples in this picture.  She has the cutest smile ever!

We did venture out a bit this last week--we took Edie to Target, her cousin's baptism, and to sacrament meeting.  I'm really hoping the weather will get warmer soon so we can try out our double stroller and take her and Winston out for a walk.  Keep your fingers crossed!  :)