Friday, May 16, 2014

Auntie Jo,

This blog post is for you!  My Aunt Jo pointed out that we haven't posted any pictures of our new house.  I was waiting until the yard gets done, but it's such a long process!  So here is what the inside looks like:

This is the view from the front door.  Around the corner on the right is the 

powder bath,

 and the master bedroom

 master bath--Whit was really happy we each got our own sink!

 the kids love the jetted tub.  Edie still gets a little nervous when we turn on the jets but Winston loves it :)

 our closet--which isn't near as big as Shay's, but it's big enough for us!  :)

 Right off the front entry is the office, which now is being used as Edie's room

 the other half of Edie's room

 the main living area

 dining/kitchen.  My favorite part is how we put up the baby gates!  It is annoying to have to climb over them to get into the kitchen, but it's awesome to keep the kids out of the kitchen--they can't get into anything in there :)

The laundry room is right next to the kitchen and you get to the garage from here.  Whit made the awesome shelf with the hooks :)

The view from the kitchen, you can see the doors to the powder bath and master bedroom, they are through the archway

 We have a couple of rooms upstairs above the garage and kitchen.  This room we use as the kid's playroom

 The upstairs bathroom (we need to fix the shower curtain, the builders hung the rod above the tile and it's way too tall!)

 And last but not least, Winston's room

 and of course it wouldn't be a typical blog post if there weren't any pictures of the kids!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here we are again

 I tried to take pictures of the kids on Easter Sunday.  Edie wouldn't stop eating the egg,

 and Winston wouldn't stop running :)

 We went down to my parent's house for my baby brother Dallin's graduation party!  I still can't believe he's all done with college.  That makes me feel really old.  But kind of proud of all my siblings, we have all graduated from college now.

 Last Sunday Whit made dinner to take to his sister that just had a baby.  When we got home from visiting with them we ate the leftovers.  Edie and Winston both love to eat rice!

 And I love to eat Whit's cooking--this was the sweet and sour chicken he made.  Yum!

 Edie liked the peppers too :)

 and this is her new favorite toy.  She found it in the bottom of a box of toys Whit's sister gave us.  It's a stuffed caterpillar and Edie loves to hug it.

 Last weekend was Whit's first soccer game!  He joined a team of guys 40+ years old and they play on Friday nights.  So I got the kids all ready and we went to watch Daddy.  It was fun to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and watch Whit play (when I wasn't trying to keep the kids from running onto the field).

 Saturday I took the kids across the street for a photo shoot with Bob.  Our neighbors across the street have a huge farm and these tractors are out all of the time.  I thought the kids would be happy and I could practice taking pictures.  But I could hardly get them to look at me!  But here's a great shot of Edie's hair :)

 Winston was so excited to get to come play with Bob!  He ran the whole way :)

 This is the only "almost" smile I got from Edie, when she tried to grab the camera

 Whit put him up here, it was about 3 feet off the ground.  It made Winston really nervous but he tried to smile :)

 Then we went to a kid's safety fair to get a free bicycle helmet.  While I was waiting in line for that, Whit took the kids to go see the fire truck.  Winston's trying to put his hat on Edie here :)

 Then Whit took the kids for a walk around the parking lot.  We figured out how to make our jogging stroller fit both kids by having Winston sit on the foot rest :)

And then they got to go inside a helicopter.  Cool!  It has been fun to get out with the kids.  Yay for warm weather and spring time!