Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Bryce Day

January 7th is a holiday in the Christensen family, it's Bryce Day. Maybe it's a little morbid, but we celebrate Bryce's life on the day he passed away. So this year marked two years since the accident. Hard to believe!

To celebrate we started the day by going to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to do sealings. My mom, dad, and brother Mckay came up to our temple so that Whit could go into work after. Isn't that nice? We had such a nice time at the temple and were reminded of how blessed we all are to be sealed to each other. Then Whit went to work and the rest of us went cross country skiing! It was a beautiful sunny day, once you got up in the canyon above the inversion smog. We had a great time getting some good exercise and remembering how much Bryce loved the snow. We didn't do anything daring on our skis like Bryce did on his snowboard, but there were some pretty big hills and I'm happy to report I didn't fall down once! That was pretty good for me, considering it was my first time on skis this season :) After skiing we went and got a greasy hamburger. Just what Whit likes to do after playing in the snow. My family had never been to five guys, so I introduced them to it. Whit was pretty bummed when he found out we went. Oh well, maybe next year he'll be able to take the day off. Here's to hoping! Oh wait, next year it will be on a Saturday. Guess he's in :)

Other than that fun day, we've been living a pretty normal life. Whit works late almost every night, I'll be glad when his project is done in February and he will get his normal schedule back! We did have some of our nieces over to play yesterday. We had so much fun together. We made necklaces, ate dinner at Chic-fil-A, went hot tubbing, and watched the Disney channel. We had a great time together. We had a good laugh when we were in the hot tub. Whit was playing some kind of game with the girls where he would capture them. In order for them to regain their freedom, they would have to complete a challenge that he would give them. For one of them, their challenge was to stand in the snow in their bare feet for 25 seconds. Ouch! But she did it and survived :) For the next one he upped the cold factor a bit and she had to make a snow angel. Remember, she's in a swimsuit so that's got to be cold. Well, her sister got really upset at this and started crying. She proclaimed, "he's trying to kill my sister!" She was so upset that we stopped playing that game, and no snow angels were made. Whit apologized and I think was forgiven, a few minutes later we were all back to playing as if nothing happened. Isn't it great that little kids don't hold grudges? I need to be more like that!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Future's so Bright

We have to wear shades!

We enjoyed 2010 so much, we can't wait to see what 2011 brings :) We celebrated New Year's by going up to the Anderson cabin to hang out with family. We had so much fun with nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, and parents. We had fun playing games, eating tons, and we braved the cold for a little bit of sledding and snowmobiling. Thanks to everyone for such a fun time. Sadly, I've turned into an awful picture taker, meaning I never take pictures anymore. So this is a boring post without pictures. But here's to a new year, with new goals, and the hope of being better. At least I'm posting, right? :)