Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Second Anniversary to Us!

I've been having so much fun with my new phone!  My dad is super awesome, and let us tag on to his family plan that he gets through his work at BYU.  So with all of the money will be saving by switching over, we got new smart phones.  I never thought I would want one, but I'm loving it!  Mostly I just love taking pictures and videos of Winston :)

I think he's the cutest ever!

Hard to believe, but May 28th marks two years since we've been married!  It's been so much fun and I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.  I love you Whit!  

To celebrate, Whit took Friday off work and we used my Auntie Jo's super sweet connection at Marriott, and spent the day and night up at Park City.  After we checked into our hotel, we went shopping at the outlets.  I realize my life has drastically changed from two years ago, since the only stores we went to were gymboree, baby gap, and carters!  We got some cute clothes for Winston.

The boys watched some sports on tv for a few minutes when we got back, and then we went to dinner.  We decided to eat in the restaurant at the hotel, since we didn't know how long Winston would last.  He did pretty good at first but then we had to take turns walking around with him while the other one ate.  Not exactly a romantic dinner, but it was fun.  And then we went swimming!

Our room opened directly out onto the patio by the pool.  It was so fun and very convenient!

My sweet co-worker gave us this floaty toy as a baby gift, and I've been so excited to finally get to use it.  It has holes in the bottom for Winston to put his legs through.  The water was a little on the cold side, but he seemed to do ok.

He did even better when we took his legs out of the holes and let him just sit in it!  I love how relaxed he looks.  And I love all of his fat rolls!

After swimming we gave him a bath and got him all ready for bed.  He was so happy, it was a super fun day!

Saturday we got up and checked out of the hotel and went to Main Street.  We found a yummy place for breakfast,

 and Winston stayed asleep the whole meal!  It was awesome.

 We walked around for a few minutes but it was a little on the chilly side, so we didn't stay for long.

 We drove up through Guardsman Pass on the way home.  It was such a beautiful drive and we even got snowed on!  I just love the mountains and I'm so grateful we live close to so many beautiful places.  What a wonderful weekend and such a great way to celebrate our anniversary!

Then on Sunday after church we went down to my parent's house in Spanish Fork.  We played a rousing game of badmitton.  It was fun :)

 Monday morning we went over to the cemetery and listened to the program that the veterans put on.  It was really nice to reflect on all of those that have sacrificed so much on our behalf.

 Then we went to Bryce's grave to hang out for a bit.  It's nice that we can go and remember Bryce and talk about all of the funny things he did.  I will always remember the time he pinned my arms behind my back and ran my face into the wall!  I don't think he expected that to happen!  But I was kind of defenseless without the use of my arms :)  He sure was a tease!

When Winston got tired of sitting, he just folded himself right up :)  He rested like that for awhile, then we packed up and walked back to my parents house and spent the afternoon having a bbq and then going on a lovely bike ride.  It was such a beautiful day and it was fun to be able to spend it with family.  We're so lucky to live so close to everyone.  It was an awesome weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

 This is Winston trying peas for the first time.  I think he enjoyed them more once he got used to them.  He makes the funniest expressions though!

 Like this one :) 
 Here's a really gummy smile.  No teeth yet.

I love his posture--he must be king of the high chair!  Whit called him King Noah, from the Book of Mormon, since every time we stopped feeding him, he would cry.  So he just sat there on his throne, being fed, like a glutton.  Got to keep feeding those fat rolls!

We did a lot this weekend, but of course we only took pictures of Winston :)  But we went and saw the Avengers on Friday night, finally.  Our neighbors were nice enough to watch Winston and we went to the last matinee of the day, at 5:45.  Everyone had talked about how fantastic the movie is, so I think I had too high of expectations.  I just thought it was one big fight, with some funny one-liners here and there.  Whit really liked it though.  And it was fun to get out together :)

Saturday morning we ran our Stake's 5K.  I tried to be a little fast, but I still feel out of shape.  But I finished in under 30 minutes, which made me happy.  Whit pushed Winston in the stroller and hasn't run since he sprained his ankle in December.  So I was worried he'd have a really hard time.  He insisted on running with the stroller though, so he would have an excuse :)  He finished only 4 minutes after me--he did awesome!  And he only cheated a little bit!  :)  The race ran right past our house, but Whit had to make a pit stop so he ran down our street instead of going to the next one before looping around.  I just thought it was funny that he stopped at our house to go to the bathroom.  You usually can't do that in a race!  :)  After the race we stopped at our church and helped clean a bit, then Whit hung a shelf in our garage and cleaned it out, and then we went to our neighborhood pool party.  Later that night we went over to some friend's house for dinner.  It was a fun and busy day!

And then Sunday was super nice.  We went to church, ate lunch, Winston took a long nap so we got to take a nap too!  Then we went for a walk, played some games, and talked with family.  What a nice day.  I sure do love weekends!

Monday, May 14, 2012

the big roll over!

 He finally can roll over, all by himself!  Thursday he did it three times in a row!  Such an exciting development.

 And he's getting so good at sitting up by himself.

 He still topples over every once in awhile though!

 Saturday we went down to Spanish Fork to spend some time with Grandma.  Winston chilled out in his bouncer in the shade, while Kira and I tried to help my mom put in her garden.  This is what it looked like before, 
 and after it looked almost the same.  We didn't really do much :)  But it was fun to be outside for awhile and play in the dirt!

 When Winston got tired of the bouncer we made him his own little lounge area.  He's so spoiled!

 And grumpy!  He didn't smile much all weekend, which is too bad.  I think people are going to start to think he never smiles.  He really does though, I promise.

 So Saturday we spent in Spanish Fork and then Sunday we went up to Farmington to spend time with the Anderson clan.  We went to Tyson's farewell, with lunch after, and then up to Aimee's for dessert with Julie. We had so much fun visiting and playing games and being together.  Family is the best!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  We did :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sitting up!

 These days Winston is doing a pretty good job of sitting up on his own.  He can last for a few minutes before he starts getting tired.  It's fun to watch :)  We also gave him his first haircut this week!  You can see some tuft of hair in this photo,

and now they are gone!  Now he has a buzzed head, just like his dad.  Fun times for sure :)  He's getting bigger and stronger and cuter every day.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super fun weekend at the cabin!

 Thanks Jim and Karyn, for letting us go up to your cabin this last weekend!  We had such a wonderful time, as always.  For those that don't know, Jim and Karyn are Whit's parents that are currently serving a mission.  They have been in Lebanon for the past year and just got moved to Jordan to help out with the Syrian refugees there.  We miss them terribly but are so happy for their generosity in letting us use their cabin while they are gone.  We are so lucky to have such awesome parents!!!  :)
I think I need to get Winston a smaller hat, because he looks so cute with one on his little noggin!

MC Hammer go Hammer Yo Hammer!
We took our bikes and got all geared up for a ride up the canyon.  It was a little on the chilly side, so I wore pants over my biking shorts.  Whit taped up the ankles for me, so I wouldn't get caught in my bike.  I thought it was a classy fashion statement too :)

We got all of our bikes ready at the gate and then hit the road!  We biked all the way up the canyon to the end of the paved road.  It was such a beautiful day and a gorgeous place to be.  Coming back down the canyon was FREEZING though!  There was a super cold wind and it just chilled us all to the bone!  So when we got back to the gate, we decided to head back to the cabin.  Whit and Brad kept going though, all the way down to the bottom of the canyon and back.  They said it was a nice ride and not too steep.  I think we'll have to go back when it's warmer and try doing the whole canyon--it's the perfect place to ride!

The whole gang on Sunday morning before church.  We were so glad our friends could come with us--we had so much fun biking together, playing games, and eating the yummy food that Whit made us!

I don't know which I love more about this picture:  Winston's expression, or the fact that his pants are all the way up to his knees and his belly is hanging over his waistband.  He's so funny!

and cute!  I love his smile :)

And here's an old buy goody--Whit was changing Winston's diaper and put his pants back on before realizing he needed to snap the onesie back on.  So he just snapped the onesie over the pants.  Whatever works!