Monday, September 24, 2012

Another fun week!

 If you look closely, you can see his tooth!

 Winston's first time wearing jeans!  And this is how I slick down his hair nearly every morning,

 and yet somehow it ends us looking like this!  Oh well.  And this is how Winston almost crawls, every day.  I just know one of these days he's going to surprise us and figure it out, but for now this is as close as it gets.

 Thursday I made this stew, with Whit's step-by-step instructions.  Somehow, his still tastes better!  But this batch turned out alright, and we met our friends up in the canyon for dinner.  It was super fun to see everyone and the canyon is gorgeous with all of the fall leaves.  But of course I didn't take any pictures!  Next time I'll have to be better at that.

 Then on Saturday we went down to Spanish Fork.  We took our queen bed out of the spare room, and gave it to my sister who is living in Springville.  Then we went to my grandma's in American Fork and picked up another queen bed that she gave to my mom and dad.  So we took that one to Spanish Fork.  By the time we were done with all of that driving, loading, and unloading, we were pooped!  So we went to the temple :)  My parents and sister took Winston to a picnic and Whit and I went to the Provo Temple to do sealings.  We had such a nice time, but we were so tired!  It was a busy day.

 Sunday we stayed in Spanish Fork for the morning so my mom could watch Winston while we went to the Brigham Temple dedication.  We all ate lunch together after, then we headed home.  That night we enjoyed a nice walk and hanging around the house.  We've been trying to teach Winston how to drink with his sippy cup.  He is just fine if someone is holding it, but he can't quite figure out how to do it himself.  Well, he was just playing on the floor, rolling around, and when I looked over at him I saw this!  Yay!  He's finally got it.  Now we'll just have to see if he can do it sitting up :)

He sure is one happy, drooly, baby!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The happiest and most exciting and unexpected week!

Monday I went in for my first pregnancy check-up. Since I wasn't exactly sure how far along I was, they took me in to get an ultrasound to measure the baby.  I thought I was about 10 or 11 weeks along, but when they got the baby up on the screen the doctor said I was a bit further along, I was 16 weeks along and they could tell the sex of the baby!  He asked if I wanted to know, and I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should wait until Whit was there.  But I couldn't wait and figured Whit would forgive me, so I found out we were having a girl!!!  So exciting :)  And her due date is February 25.  So when I got home it was all I could do to not call Whit and tell him to come home from work early!  So I kept myself busy by making pink, heart shaped sugar cookies, and I took Winston shopping and we got a couple of outfits for his little sister.  So I laid everything out on the kitchen table by the ultrasound picture.  I didn't say anything to Whit when I picked him up from work, so we got home and he walked into the kitchen and saw everything and got super excited.  It was a fun time.  What a great surprise!

 Winston doesn't look too excited, but we know he is happy on the inside :)

 Then on Saturday we got to go to the Brigham City Temple open house.  Of course this is a special temple for me, since I grew up in Brigham City and have so many happy memories there.  It is so neat to see such a beautiful temple there now!  It's almost as awesome as Winston's pants in this picture, they are almost up to his armpits!

 Whit thinks this picture is funny because it looks like he has a yellow flower earring :)  

Winston did pretty good going through the temple, as always he was fascinated with all of the lights and kept looking up at the ceiling.  By the time we were done and walking back to our car, he was falling asleep.

 He was out as soon as we put him in his car seat.  So much excitement for such a little boy!

I know you can't tell, but in this picture he is smiling because he hears his dad's voice.  Winston is lying on the floor in the living room and Whit is upstairs.  When Whit comes down the stairs he starts talking to him, and Winston just starts smiling.  He sure loves his dad!  :)  

And in other exciting news, Winston's first tooth broke through the skin this week!  Yay!  It still hasn't come all the way up yet, but it is getting so close.  And the one right next to it is just about there too.  Hooray for teeth, the Temple, and baby sisters!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor Day

 Cascade Springs is one of my favorite places!  I remember going there as a little girl, and thinking it was the most beautiful place on the planet.  I have seen prettier places now, but I still think it's so fun.  I was a little disappointed there weren't more leaves changing colors, but we did get to see lots of fall colors on the drive there.  We are so lucky to live near such beautiful mountains!

 So we met my parents and sister there Labor Day morning, and had fun walking around.

 The whole gang minus the photographer :)

Winston wasn't super happy to be out walking around, we got there right at his nap time.  But after we walked around and saw what we wanted to see, we got back in the truck and drove on the dirt road that ended up by Soldier Hollow in Midway.  Winston slept on that whole ride!  We stopped for a picnic lunch in a park and had a great time eating and talking.  Then we drove through Provo Canyon on our way home.  It was such a beautiful drive.  The rest of the day we spent at home relaxing, and then on Tuesday Whit started his new job!  Yay!!!  No better way to celebrate Labor Day than with a new exciting job to labor at!  :)  Ha ha!

 I kept trying to get Winston to smile for the camera, and this as as close as we got.

Go Utes!  It's a little big still, but since we lost his other hat I couldn't pass this one up when I saw it at the store :)  It was perfect because he got to watch the U game with his dad.  Too bad they lost though :(  I'm sure there will be many more games for these boys in the future though!

So that's about it.  Another fun week with the Anderson clan.  Oh, and the day after I bought the hat, we found his old one--of course!  :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Fun!

 I have a fun neighbor that I go on walks with.  Her little boy is a couple of months older than Winston and they enjoy staring at each other in their strollers while we walk.  We have the same pack of onesies and every day we joke that they are going to end up wearing the same one, someday.  Well, that day happened and this Friday they were twinners.   Aren't they cute?

 Friday night we went to the drive in!  We have talked about going all summer, and it finally worked out!  We met some fun friends and got our spots set up right before the movie started.  That's the full moon in the background, not a light.  It was such a beautiful moon!

 Winston fell asleep on the way there, that's what we were hoping for!  So Whit set up the foam mattress in the bed of the truck and we got all cozy for the movie.  Then I realized my water bottle was still in the cab of the truck, so I went and got it.  The light woke up Winston, so he ended up joining us for the movie.

He was pretty good for the most part and we all just hung out in the truck and watched the Odd Life of Timothy Green.  It was a pretty fun movie with a good message.  I'd recommend it :)

 I was hoping Winston would sleep in after being up so late the night before.  But he woke up at 7 am, a little earlier than he usually does!  He was super grumpy and I was still so tired, so I resorted to turning on Saturday morning cartoons.  Just to see if he would like it.  And he did!  He was completely mesmerized, for about 10 whole minutes.  :)

 Later that morning we went for a walk.  He wasn't too thrilled.

 Then we ran some errands and went shopping.  He had fun being wheeled around in the cart by his dad.

Then we came home and Whit grilled some awesome hot dogs for lunch and we made home made fries.  It may not look very good, and perhaps it's weird to put dill pickles and tomatoes and bbq sauce on your hot dogs, but they were so delicious!  Best lunch ever!  And a pretty fun weekend :)